Industrial Software Solutions

The Asset to Enterprise approach creates a tiered structure of applications designed to capture production process data, transform it into actionable information, and distribute it to authorized users across the business.

As Operational Technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT) groups merge and work together, there are clear distinctions of data layers that are more appropriate for each group to facilitate business and process improvements. These layers involve applications with specific uses for managing and optimizing production, but ultimately work together to transform data as it moves higher, or lower, in an organization.

That movement and transformation of data is what we call Asset to Enterprise. A comprehensive data management strategy combining various software tools to create a digital information infrastructure that unites data and actions.

Below you will find our solutions that form Asset to Enterprise, broken up into three categories: Monitor & Control, Operate & Optimize and Asset Performance. These categories provide a focus area for where each solution functions.

Asset to Enterprise

Edge to Enterprise

Monitor & Control

Monitor & Control solutions focus on connecting to assets, extracting & storing data, establishing design processes & standards, and creating visual & reporting interfaces for users.

Operate & Optimize

Operate & Optimize solutions focus on operational processes, providing a path to digitization, repeatability and optimization improvements.

Asset Performance

Asset Performance solutions focus on enhancing maintenance effectiveness and extending the life of assets through data driven activities.