Operational Safety Management


Reduce Operational Risks

Plan and perform safe, compliant working on complex engineering assets. AVEVA Operational Safety Management enables asset operators to eliminate, minimize or mitigate operational risk while optimizing asset performance.

The more complex and potentially hazardous a plant, the more important it is that every inspection, maintenance and repair task is carried out correctly, consistently, in full knowledge of the relevant information and in accordance with industry regulations and best practice.

Operational Safety Management is a comprehensive, powerful and industry-proven solution that supports this. It enables asset operators to eliminate, minimize or mitigate operational risks while optimizing asset performance, use of valuable resources and return on investment.

AVEVA Operational Safety Management Plan

Rule-Driven Framework

Risk assessment

Guides the user in assessing every relevant risk and making the appropriate decisions.

Work activity plotting

Unique, best-in-class visualization show the various work locations on the asset, enabling task clashes to be avoided and highlighting opportunities for coordinating tasks in close physical proximity.

Isolation planning and execution

Both mechanical and electrical isolations can be applied consistently, quickly and in compliance with applicable regulations and best practice. Mechanical isolation plans can be efficiently created by direct visual interaction with intelligent P&IDs.

Work permit management

Manage the entire existence of each Work Permit, from its creation to closure and archiving.

Safe job analysis

Structured, template-based identification of risks, causes and effects is complemented by controlled documentation of safety meetings and management of the approval process.

Lessons learned reporting

Continual improvement of operational processes to drive down risk and increase efficiency is supported by tools for capturing lessons learned on individual tasks and identifying common factors in their execution.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Consistent, compliant, best-practice execution of invasive tasks eliminates, minimizes or mitigates risks to personnel, to the asset, and to the environment.
  • Efficient deployment and use of valuable skilled resources saves direct labor costs.
  • Efficient, rapid execution of engineering tasks minimizes loss of production.
  • Robust control and audit trails reduce the costs of demonstrating regulatory compliance.
  • Staff may be redeployed between assets with minimal learning curve.
AVEVA Operational Safety Management Permit
AVEVA Operational Safety Management Plot Plan

Beyond Task Management

AVEVA Operational Safety Management is fully enterprise-ready out of the box. It is easy to install and configure, cloud-ready and supports touch-screen devices. It integrates efficiently with other business systems, including AVEVA’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution; and third party systems such as SAP and Maximo.

AVEVA Operational Safety Management Tasks
  • Built-in visualization puts information in context for clearer understanding of complex activities and their interdependencies.
  • Template and rule-driven to eliminate sources of error. A range of built-in industry-standard forms, templates and workflows can be used as-is, or readily reconfigured by the user to meet specific company, industry or regional standards.
  • Enforces consistent, compliant working methods, verified by digital signatures, audit trails and configurable reporting tools.
  • Seamless integration with external Admission Control Solutions, enabling secure management of remote admission to ICT systems utilizing Work Permits.

The low risk choice that will continue to add value as technologies advance and business processes become ever more integrated.