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Industrial Software Solutions provides technical support to all of our customers with a valid support contract, however the territories we cover do vary by product.

If you have questions regarding our coverage area, please contact us.

United States

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Northern Nevada
  • Western Montana


  • British Columbia
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  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon
  • Nunavut

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United States

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United States

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United States

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Getting Technical Assistance

If you have questions or an issue regarding the installation or use of Wonderware, Avantis, Dream Report, versiondog or other product, please contact our Technical Support using one of the methods below.


8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time (Monday – Friday)


Email technical support at
[email protected]


Phone technical support at 888-449-2722. Have your support contract number ready when you call.


If you don’t have access to email you can submit your support request to us directly from our website.
Technical Support Website Request Form


AVEVA provides emergency support, available 24/7/365, to Customer FIRST Premium and Elite support subscribers by telephone at +1-949-639-8500​. You must provide your AVEVA-issued individual phone user ID to reach the Emergency Support Dispatcher. This service is provided by AVEVA Global Support.

Additional Information about Technical Support

Information to Provide

Providing as much information as possible gives our Technical Support team the best chance at resolving your issue quickly. Below is a list of information that can give your assigned specialist a head start.

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Customer First Support #
  • Best way to contact of you (i.e. cell phone, office phone, e-mail)
  • Name of the Product you are experience an issue with
  • Version and patch level
  • What Operating System you are using including patch level
  • Description of the issue you are experiencing
  • Do you have internet access?
  • If you are receiving an error message, please include the exact error text
  • What have you done already to troubleshoot the situation?
  • Any other information you think is relevant to this issue

What to Expect

Once a case has been initiated you will receive a confirmation email with your case number and summary of the issue. You may reply to the confirmation email to send additional information of your issue and it will be added to the case log. A Technical Support Specialist will attempt to contact you regarding your submission as soon as possible. Depending on the initial information provided and severity of the issue, the assigned specialist may require additional information to provide a resolution. The assigned specialist will then assist you in diagnosing your issue and providing a resolution – this may involve communication via email or phone depending on your availability and preference.

What not to Expect

Our Technical Support team is here to assist you in resolving any technical complications or errors you encounter in the use of your software. Unfortunately, there are certain requests that our Technical Support team is unable to provide assistance with as they are outside the bounds of our support programs.

  • Over the phone training – If your issue is determined to be training related, you may be referred to our Training Coordinator to attend the next training course as the provided resolution.
  • Services – If your issue is determined to require implementation services, you may be referred to our Services Coordinator, your Sales Team and/or an appropriate System Integrator to purchase a services engagement.
  • Retired products/versions – As with everything in life, things get old with time. If your product or product version has been retired and/or your issue has been resolved in newer editions, you may be asked to upgrade to the latest product version to resolve your issue. To learn more about Product Versions, please click the button below.
Verify the support level of your product

Phone Support

We make the greatest effort to answer all Technical Support inquiries via phone by one of our Technical Support Specialists; but during high call volumes you may be required to leave a voice message. Voice messages received at our support phone number automatically create cases for the next available specialist.

Response Times

We do not guarantee any specific response time due to the variability of customer inquiries. Our goal is to have all cases assigned and initial responses provided within 1 hour of receipt within our system. During high case volumes, our response time may vary.

Case Closure

After a resolution has been provided, the assigned specialist will make three (3) attempts to confirm that the issue has been resolved and no further information is required for the case. If after the 3rd attempt the customer cannot be reached, the case will be closed and no further contact will be attempted.

Sending Files

We use Dropbox to transfer large files that may assist in case resolution. The confirmation email will include a link to send any files that you think will help in resolving your issue. Examples can include:

  • Log Files during the time of the issue
  • Screenshots of error messages, display issues
  • Copies of configuration or application files

Case Escalation

Depending on the complexity of the issue, it may be required to escalate your case to additional staff or Global Support for resolution. The assigned specialist will inform you if case escalation is required.

  • If the assigned specialist is unable to resolve the issue
  • If the issue is determined to be a software bug requiring a hotfix or patch
  • If the issue is determined to be a product enhancement request

Case History

All cases and case correspondence is tracked by customer contact and company/division for historical, customer satisfaction and recurring issue identification purposes. In addition, customers may view their personal case status and history under their website profile located in the menu bar.

No Support Agreement

If the customer does not have a valid Support agreement, all submitted technical support inquiries will be transferred to the appropriate Sales Team for follow up. The customer will be given the option to purchase a support agreement for a one (1) year term, or purchase a single per incident ticket valid for immediate resolution of an issue. Appropriate pricing is provided by the Sales Team.

Contact Sales

Customer Feedback

Our executive management routinely evaluates our technical support metrics in an effort to maintain the highest quality service to our customers. In addition, our partners mandate Customer Satisfaction Surveys to ensure all global Technical Support personnel adhere to corporate standards. Should you wish to provide feedback to our executive management team, please email us:

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