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Training Document: 029

AVEVA Flex Portal Overview

⭐ Free Access ⭐

AVEVA Flex is a subscription-based licensing program. This program allows organizations to access a wide range of AVEVA's software solutions through a flexible, cost-effective subscription model.

AVEVA’s Flex portal is the tool through which customers can access and manage their Flex subscription and licenses.  In this document, we will prove an overview of the portal.


Training Document: 026

Introduction to Object Wizards

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An Object Wizard can be added to any derived template to provide a simplified user interface for configuring instances (assets) derived from the template. When configuring an instance derived from a template with Object Wizards, it may have a series of user selectable Choices and Options that guide you through the process of the configuration. Each Choice and Option may have one or more attributes, symbols, and/or scripts associated with it.


Training Document: 025

Configuring Mobile Access in AVEVA Edge

This document provides a high-level overview of remote clients and their configuration using Mobile Access. It covers the prerequisites to run remote clients and how to deploy an HTML5-enhanced web interface for smartphones and tablets. Additionally, it outlines the key controls available in the Mobile Access web interface, such as Alarm, Process Values, Trend, and Screens.


Training Document: 024

Configuring I/O Connectivity in AVEVA Edge

Communication Drivers in AVEVA Edge allow you to configure the HMI to communicate with various external devices, such as PLCs and transmitters. AVEVA Edge comes with pre-installed drivers for a wide range of common and uncommon devices. This training document will explain what communication drivers are and how to configure them in Edge Studio, as well as how to configure the Driver sheet(s) associated with the driver(s) to define I/O tags.


Training Document: 022

AVEVA Edge Tags and Classes Overview

This training document provides an introduction to Tags and Classes in AVEVA Edge.  Tags are essential elements within a project, serving as variables to store data from communication with plant I/O devices, calculations, and user input. Classes play a vital role in organizing tags and creating complex structures.


Training Document: 021

Installing Microsoft Add-Ins for Historian Client

AVEVA Historian Client includes a few Microsoft Office Add-Ins which offer enhanced functionality in processing and analyzing your stored data. These add-ins require 32-bit Microsoft Office and can be added during installation of System Platform or via modification of an existing installation.


Training Document: 019

Exporting and Importing Historian Configuration

This training document provides an overview of the Configuration Export and Import utility, also known as Historian Database Export/Import Utility (aahDBDump.exe). It explains the benefits of exporting and importing AVEVA Historian configuration information to a text file. The utility allows bulk modifications to the configuration instead of just using the Configuration Editor for individual database entities.