Tech Notes

Tech Note: 129

Automatically Launching an InTouch Application on Startup using a Batch File

Each time an operator needs to view their Intouch application at runtime, they must manually run the InTouch WindowViewer application. This technote will discuss how to use a batch file to automatically run the application each time Windows is restarted.  There is an optional step in which you may delay opening your Intouch application, to allow time for other applications to run first.


Tech Note: 128

OI Server Diagnostics not Appearing on Remote Nodes

Within the Operations Control Management Console (OCMC, previously called the SMC or System Management Console), you are able to connect to a remote node within the Operations Interface Server Manager section and access the configuration of the OI Servers installed and running there.  However, it is possible to encounter an issue where the configuration of the remote OI Servers does not appear within the OCMC.  The root cause of this behavior is security settings that are part of newer versions of Windows.

This tech note will provide  steps with some recommendations to resolve the issue.


Tech Note: 122

Cannot Select Licenses for Activation in AVEVA License Manager

It is possible to encounter a situation where you are unable to select licenses to be activated in the AVEVA Enterprise License Manager. In these cases, it may be necessary to replace the database file to correct the issue.

This tech note provides instructions to replace the License Manager database file.


Tech Note: 120

Backing up and Restoring a Galaxy

System Platform Galaxies should be backed up so that if the Galaxy becomes corrupted, you can restore it to a working state.  The Galaxy backup file can be used to overwrite an existing, corrupted Galaxy or to re-create it as a new Galaxy.

This tech note will provide instructions on how to create a Galaxy backup file and provide the steps for restoring an existing Galaxy as well as using a Galaxy backup to create a new Galaxy.


Tech Note: 121

Correcting Deployment State Mismatches

Certain conditions (hardware failure of a deployed node, restoring a Galaxy from a backup, etc.) can cause the deployment state of an object in the IDE to be different from the object’s actual state.

This tech note will provide steps to correct this mismatch.