Tech Notes

Tech Note: 136

Migration of Galaxy to System Platform 2023 Never Completes

When migrating a Galaxy from an older version to System Platform 2023, the process hangs without any errors or warning and never completes.

By default, the migration process handles 500 templates at the same time from the original Galaxy. If there are more than 500 templates, this may exceed the 3.5 GB that aaGR process can handle, causing a crash as we see in the Log Viewer.

This tech note provides the steps to change the default MaxTemplateCacheSize from 500 templates to 10 to make sure the 3.5 GB limit is not violated.


Tech Note: 135

Slow Performance in IDE when Opening or Checking In Objects

It is possible that you may experience slow performance in the System Platform IDE when opening or checking in objects.  There could be various reasons why the performance within the IDE could be slow, including compatibility issues with newer version of Microsoft SQL Server.

This tech note provides steps to address the issue from the database setting perspective.


Tech Note: 134

Error: Could not load file (0x7e) C:\HardDisk\Drv\.DLL on Embedded View

When working on an embedded Edge viewer, you may encounter a message similar to the following:
"Could not load file (0x7e) C:\HardDisk\Drv\ABCIP.DLL" on embedded view"
The first step should be to verify that this file does actually exist in the specified location. If you've verified this, but the issue persists, this tech note will provide a resolution to this issue.


Tech Note: 133

Popup Window Does not Appear when Clicking “Select” in Tagname Dictionary

When working in the Tagname Dictionary in an InTouch HMI application, clicking the Select button should cause the Tag Browser popup window to appear, allowing the user to browse the existing tags in the application.

Under certain conditions, the popup window will not appear after clicking Select and the WindowMaker application will freeze up, forcing the user to shut down the application.

This issue is caused when WindowMaker attempts to open the Tag Browser on a second monitor when no second monitor is present.  This tech note will provide the steps to resolve the issue.


Tech Note: 131

Orange Icon Won’t Go Away After Deploying InTouchView App

During deployment of an InTouchView app, it is normal behavior for an orange icon to appear over the InTouchView app instance which indicates that the files and folders are still being copied over to the remote machine.

You may experience an issue where this orange icon does not clear up on its own.


Tech Note: 129

Automatically Launching an InTouch Application on Startup using a Batch File

Each time an operator needs to view their Intouch application at runtime, they must manually run the InTouch WindowViewer application. This technote will discuss how to use a batch file to automatically run the application each time Windows is restarted.  There is an optional step in which you may delay opening your Intouch application, to allow time for other applications to run first.


Tech Note: 128

OI Server Diagnostics not Appearing on Remote Nodes

Within the Operations Control Management Console (OCMC, previously called the SMC or System Management Console), you are able to connect to a remote node within the Operations Interface Server Manager section and access the configuration of the OI Servers installed and running there.  However, it is possible to encounter an issue where the configuration of the remote OI Servers does not appear within the OCMC.  The root cause of this behavior is security settings that are part of newer versions of Windows.

This tech note will provide  steps with some recommendations to resolve the issue.