Tech Notes

Tech Note 23: How to backup IndustrialSQL Server Historian databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2000

This Tech Note details recommended backup procedure for Wonderware IndustrialSQL/Historian (InSQL) related SQL databases in the case IndustrialSQL Server Historian is installed in conjuction with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. It's the first part of a series of 3 tech notes that will detail recommended backup procedure for IndustrialSQL Server databases and history blocks in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 environments.


Tech Note 19: How to modify or review Archestra Login Account

Archestra Login Account is a designated Windows Login Account that is used by all Wonderware services to perform tasks that require Windows login information (such as creating folders and files, interact with the network, connecting to databases etc.). This Tech Note details the recommended procedure to set up, modify or review the Archestra Login Account.


Tech Note 18: Configuring Automatic I/O Failover in InTouch 9.5

The InTouch 9.5 HMI provides significant enhancements that result in improvements in both operational and engineering productivity. One of these enhancements reduces engineering development times by providing a one-click option for I/O Failover, which enables you to automatically switch I/O servers when I/O communication fails. Users can configure I/O server switching via the graphical user interface (GUI) in WindowMaker. Script functions are also provided to further extend the I/O communication failover features.