Tech Notes

Tech Note: 137

Encrypted SuiteLink Connection Cannot be Established

Cross-node encrypted SuiteLink requires both nodes to be joined to the same System Management Server (SMS) server. In some cases, even if SMS is properly configured, a system may encounter the following error and the encrypted SuiteLink connection will fail, even though a Troubleshooting Scan within the AVEVA Common Service Portal may return without errors.


Tech Note: 136

Migration of Galaxy to System Platform 2023 Never Completes

When migrating a Galaxy from an older version to System Platform 2023, the process hangs without any errors or warning and never completes.

By default, the migration process handles 500 templates at the same time from the original Galaxy. If there are more than 500 templates, this may exceed the 3.5 GB that aaGR process can handle, causing a crash as we see in the Log Viewer.

This tech note provides the steps to change the default MaxTemplateCacheSize from 500 templates to 10 to make sure the 3.5 GB limit is not violated.


Tech Note: 135

Slow Performance in IDE when Opening or Checking In Objects

It is possible that you may experience slow performance in the System Platform IDE when opening or checking in objects.  There could be various reasons why the performance within the IDE could be slow, including compatibility issues with newer version of Microsoft SQL Server.

This tech note provides steps to address the issue from the database setting perspective.