Web_Browser and Carousel Widget Shows Red “X” Error

Tech Note: ISS-TN140
Published Date: April 25, 2024
Primary Product: Application Server, InTouch HMI, Operations Management Interface
Revision Date:


It is possible to encounter an issue with all the default widgets on the server like Web_Browser and Carousel. When loading the Web_Browser widget, only an IP address is shown. When loading an instance of the Web_Browser widget separately on a different test InTouchViewApp, it loads a RedX with an “Empty” text displayed. Same red X is shown on the Carousel widget.

The following message appears in the OCMC logs:

Error: General load failure: System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.


  • InTouch HMI 2020 R2 P01
  • Operations Management Interface 2020 R2 P01


This issue is caused by having OCL 22.1 ( Operations Control Logger ) installed. To resolve the issue, perform the following steps on each machine with OCL 22.1 and InTouch installed:

  1. Open File Explorer.  Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA.  Find Dbghelp.dll and rename it to Dbghelp.dll.old
  1. Open a separate File Explorer window.  Navigate to this folder: C:\Windows\System32.  Find dbghelp.dll and copy the file.
  1. Navigate back to this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA.  Paste dbghelp.dll into this folder.
  1. Reboot the server.
  1. Open InTouch HMI Application Manager or System Platform IDE.  Find the View App that had the issue before and test if the widget is working.
  1. If everything looks good, the Dbghelp.dll.old file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA can be deleted.
  1. Double check that the ViewApp still works after deleting the old file.

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