Educational Videos

InTouch Machine Edition: Embedded HMI Software for IIoT and Smart Machines

InTouch Machine Edition is scalable and flexible designed to provide a customizable, cost-effective HMI experience focused on light weight, embedded and OEM applications. The compact footprint makes InTouch Machine Edition ideal for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It can deploy and run on small panel PCs, embedded devices and machines and supports remote HMI access to smartphones and tablets without any client installations.

Optimizing Temperature Distribution in District Energy

In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize your district energy network using Termis, a real-time planning and optimization tool for district heating and cooling operations. Simulate flow, pressure and thermal behavior in a distribution network, using real-time data – live from the SCADA system – to analyze and track the current situation.

The Stepping Path to Improved Line Performance

In this webinar, you will learn how to address the key challenges of Line Performance in industrial applications. With tight margins, global competition, and brand protection, how do you as a business take advantage of new technologies while maintaining critical operating and financial conditions?

Asset Performance Analytics – Part 2

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits and capabilities of Predictive Asset Analytics. Improving reliability, performance and safety are among the top priorities of industrial plants and other asset-intensive organizations, and businesses today are focusing their efforts and resources on controlling costs and maximizing value from investments already made.

Asset Performance Analytics – Part 1

In this webinar, we discuss the benefits and capabilities of Condition Based Maintenance and Monitoring for industrial applications. With Condition Management solutions, users collect and analyze real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets and drive appropriate action to improve overall asset performance, managing the appropriate operations, engineering and maintenance actions.