Tech Notes

Tech Note: 075

How to Automate the Update Function Feature in Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook

This Tech Note provides the procedures necessary to automate the Refresh Function on every function in the Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook.

This procedure is beneficial when working with Excel spreadsheets that contain many ActiveFactory functions. By default the Refresh Sheet function of Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook does not refresh new cell population. Because of this users would need to select and refresh every individual function in the workbook.


Tech Note: 033

Troubleshooting Historian Client Connection to AVEVA Historian Server

When experiencing problems connecting to a Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server Historian (InSQL) from a Wonderware ActiveFactory client such as Trend, there are several steps that can be used to troubleshoot the problem. This tech note details the correct steps to take to initiate communication. It is assumed that there is a running InSQL Server on your network which is able to accept client connections from other client nodes.


Tech Note: 015

Automatic generation of batch reports at the end of the batch using InTouch

ActiveFactory 9.1 and 9.2 contains a component called WorkbookRunner which enables automatic generation of a report snapshot based on a predefined report template.

Examples of situations when this functionality may be needed are: automatic generation of batch reports and automatic generation of snapshot on-demand reports. This Tech Note details the procedure to automatically generate batch reports in Wonderware InTouch and also directly from the operating system level by using a VBScript program.


Tech Note: 014

Tech Note 14: Creating batch reports with no predetermined time span using ActiveFactory Industrial Workbook

This Tech Note describes the process of using Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook tool to create batch reports against Wonderware Historian (IndustrialSQL Server) that don't have predetermined time span, but are dependent on a batch number or name as an input parameter.

The Tech Note contains visual companions for each important part.