Tech Notes

Tech Note 107: Controlling ActiveFactory Trend Using URL Parameters

It is possible to customize the look and behavior of an ActiveFactory Trend control in a browser window using URL parameters. The level of customization includes the Historian connection, the tags displayed, the time period of the trend, the visible toolbars and controls, opening trend files, and more. This tech note describes how to configure some of these options. For more information, please see the Information Server help under ActiveFactory Reporting > Controlling ActiveFactory Trend using URL Parameters.


Tech Note 75: How to Automate the Update Function Feature in Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook

This Tech Note provides the procedures necessary to automate the Refresh Function on every function in the Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook.

This procedure is beneficial when working with Excel spreadsheets that contain many ActiveFactory functions. By default the Refresh Sheet function of Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook does not refresh new cell population. Because of this users would need to select and refresh every individual function in the workbook.


Tech Note 66: How to install Wonderware ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook and Report add-ins for Microsoft Office for all local users

When installing the Wonderware ActiveFactory Client utilities on a client machine with multiple user accounts the ActiveFactory Add-In for Microsoft Office Excel (called ActiveFactory IndustrialWorkbook) and Word (called ActiveFactory Report) does not automatically install for all users.

This issue can be fixed by installing the Add-In manually for each user, or by making the contents of Microsoft Office Recent folder available to all users. This tech note provides steps for both methods.


Tech Note 33: Troubleshooting Wonderware ActiveFactory client connection to IndustrialSQL Server Historian

When experiencing problems connecting to a Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server Historian (InSQL) from a Wonderware ActiveFactory client such as Trend, there are several steps that can be used to troubleshoot the problem. This tech note details the correct steps to take to initiate communication. It is assumed that there is a running InSQL Server on your network which is able to accept client connections from other client nodes.