Tech Note 60: How to open a pre-configured Wonderware ActiveFactory Trend or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet using ArchestrA Graphics

Applies to

  • Wonderware Application Server 3.0 integrated with Wonderware InTouch 10
  • Wonderware Active Factory 9.1 (and higher)
  • Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server (InSQL) Historian (8.0 SP3 and higher)


It may be necessary for operators to repeatedly view trend information on specific tags. This document describes the procedure how to open a pre-configuredWonderware Active Factory Trend graph when selecting an analog value displayed through an ArchestrA Graphic.

Part 1 – Associate the .aaTrend file extension to ActiveFactory Trend

1. Open My Computer, select “Tools”, and click on “Folder Options…”

2. On the “Folder Options” window select “File Types” tab and click the “New” button. A new pop-up window will appear.

3. On the “Create New Extension” window type in “aaTrend” in the “File Extension:” text field (this will place the extension in the list of know operating system file extensions). Click OK.

4. To associate the extension to Wonderware Active Factory Trend, first click on the “Change” button in the “Details for “AATREND” extension” section and click OK.

5. Select the “Select the program from a list” radio button. Click OK.

6. When the “Open With” window opens click on the “Browse…” button.

7. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Wonderware\ActiveFactory\aaTrend.exe and click Open.

8. You should now see HistClientTrend displayed in the Open With window. Select OK button.

9. Now AATREND extension should be displayed in the File Types tab of the Folder Options window.

Note: At this point the computer will NEED to be restarted.

Part 2 – Creating and saving an ActiveFactory Trend

10. Create an Active Factory  trend. Navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Wonderware -> ActiveFactory -> Trend.
Configure your trend however you please and when finished select File -> Save As.

11. Navigate to your desired directory, and then proceed by selecting the Save button.

Part 3 – Associating an action script to an ArchestrA Graphic

12. Place the graphic onto a screen within your InTouch application, right-click on the object and select ArchestrA Graphic {graphic name} -> Edit Symbol.
This will open the symbol in edit mode.

13. Select an element of the object that would be easy to select during Runtime. Right-click on the element and click Edit Animations.

14. In the upper left-hand corner click on the + button and select Action Scripts.

15. Use the StartApp function to call your configured trend and when finished click OK.

You may receive a message informing you that there was an issue found in the script because it doesn’t expect that file extension. If the warning box appears click Yes.

16. Make any additional changes as you please, and when finished click Save and Close.

17. Now when you switch into runtime your A2 graphic has a button association that will open your pre-configured trend.


NOTE: The same procedure can be utilized to open other files like a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or Microsft Word.


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Created by Nick Edgett
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Version 1.0 released April 07, 2008