Tech Notes

Tech Note: 036

How to monitor Wonderware Historian performance from Wonderware Industrial Application Server

The Wonderware Historian (IndustrialSQL Server) includes two features that allow performance statistics to be collected and distributed to network clients. The System Driver module performs the task of collecting historian performance statistics and the InSQL IOServer (INSQLIOS) allows clients to connect via Suitelink to acquire real-time data. Using these two features we can acquire historian performance statistics to clients such as Wonderware Industrial Application Server for real time monitoring and alarming.


Tech Note: 011

Determining Unknown Platform Name From Known Platform ID

When you create a platform in Application Server, a unique Platform ID is assigned to it. If you encounter issues with a particular platform during runtime, you may see references in LogViewer under the System Management Console that refer to a Platform's ID. The ID itself is not very useful in determining which platform you are having issues with. This TechNote explains two options to help you determine the Platform Name for a given Platform ID.