Unable to Connect to Galaxy Using Remote IDE in a Workgroup Environment

Tech Note: ISS-TN130
Published Date: November 2, 2023
Primary Product: Application Server
Revision Date:


When attempting to connect to a Galaxy database with a remote IDE within a workgroup environment, the connection may fail.  The following messages will appear in the OCMC logger:

CRLinkProtDCOM: CRLinkProtDCOMObject::InitializewithCallback - m_pIDcomSrv->InitializeClientCallback is failed with result hr = 0x80070005.
CRLinkClient: CRLinkClientAccess::Connect: User does not have access rights to the Galaxy Repository. Error Code = 0x80070005.

This tech note will show you how to correct the issue by updating the security policy.

Security Considerations

  • An unauthorized user could potentially exploit this feature by anonymously listing account names and shared resources and using the information to attempt to guess passwords, perform social engineering attacks, or launch DOS attacks.


  • AVEVA Application Server 2017 and newer


  1. Navigate to ‘Local Security Policy.’ Search for ‘secpol.msc’ or ‘Local Security Policy’ to open the interface.
  1. Under Local Policies, select Security Options.
  2. Locate Network access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users

4. Double-click to change the setting. Select Enabled (the default setting is “Disabled”).

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