Tech Notes

Tech Note 11: Determining Unknown Platform Name From Known Platform ID

When you create a platform in Application Server, a unique Platform ID is assigned to it. If you encounter issues with a particular platform during runtime, you may see references in LogViewer under the System Management Console that refer to a Platform's ID. The ID itself is not very useful in determining which platform you are having issues with. This TechNote explains two options to help you determine the Platform Name for a given Platform ID.


Tech Note 7: Dynamically Redirecting InTouch Bitmap Objects During Runtime

A bitmap object in Wonderware InTouch can be configured to dynamically display different supported images during runtime. By simply placing in the string animation link of a bitmap object, either the full path to an image file in quotes or by placing this information in a memory message tag that is associated with the bitmap object, you can dynamically control what images are shown during runtime.