Tech Notes

Tech Note 79: How to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter on different operating systems

Wonderware Industrial Application Server uses the Suitelink protocol (a proprietary TCP/IP wrapper) and the NMX protocol (Network Message Exchange) to communicate with I/O devices and platforms/objects in the application galaxy. The Archestra Integrated Development Environment (IDE) uses the NMX protocol to communicate with and deploy objects to platforms in the galaxy (this requires a valid network connection for development and testing operations). In the absence of a network adapter or valid network connection, Microsoft's Loopback Adapter may be installed to satisfy the Archestra IDE's requirement for a valid network connection.

The Microsoft Loopback Adapter will prevent the Archestra IDE from closing

Tech Note 65: How to use Windows Performance Monitor logs

Determining the cause of system failures especially application crashes can be difficult to pinpoint. Using the Windows Administrative snap-in Performance utility, it is possible to create a graphical representation of the state of the system at a given period of time. The resulting log files can be provided to your Wonderware support provider for analysis. This tech note describes how to create Windows Performance log files.

Tech Note 27: How to install Microsoft Internet Information Services and ASP.Net for Wonderware Information Server 3.0

This Tech Note details procedure to install, configure and test Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and ASP.Net components required by Wonderware Information Server 3.0. This Tech Note is 2nd part of series of Wonderware PacWest Tech Notes that provide comprehensive installation instructions for Wonderware Information Server 3.0 and all it prerequisites.

Tech Note 19: How to modify or review Archestra Login Account

Archestra Login Account is a designated Windows Login Account that is used by all Wonderware services to perform tasks that require Windows login information (such as creating folders and files, interact with the network, connecting to databases etc.). This Tech Note details the recommended procedure to set up, modify or review the Archestra Login Account.