Tech Notes

Tech Note 59: Getting Started With ArchestrA Graphics and Wonderware InTouch 10

This tech note explains how to create and display an ArchestrA graphic in a Wonderware InTouch 10 application. This technote is demonstrating only one of several methods available to application developers when utilizing ArchestrA Graphics. Please review the User Guides, which are installed with InTouch 10 and Application Server 3.0, for additional information regarding ArchestrA Graphics with InTouch 10 applications.


Tech Note 52: How to configure and query Wonderware Historian 9.0 as a linked server to another Microsoft SQL Server

Sometimes clients who request data from the Wonderware Historian (previously known as IndustrialSQL Server or simply InSQL) may not be directly connected to the Historian (for instance, if the Wonderware Historian is behind a firewall), or there may be a need to present data from multiple Wonderware Historians on the network within a single report.

Therefore it may be necessary or beneficial to set up a central reporting server and have that server retrieve data from one or more Wonderware Historians. In such scenario data clients would connect only to the central reporting server, which in turn would query the...

Tech Note 49: How to install and configure Wonderware Alarm Database Logger using Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

This Tech Note details the procedure to install Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) needed to store Wonderware InTouch alarm information in a persistent manner. Wonderware Alarm Database Logger utility is necessary to store alarm information in a persistent manner. The utility is automatically installed during InTouch software installation. But the utility requires either Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE). This Tech Note details installation procedure for Microsoft Data Engine 2000 (MSDE).