Tech Notes

Tech Note 65: How to use Windows Performance Monitor logs

Determining the cause of system failures especially application crashes can be difficult to pinpoint. Using the Windows Administrative snap-in Performance utility, it is possible to create a graphical representation of the state of the system at a given period of time. The resulting log files can be provided to your Wonderware support provider for analysis. This tech note describes how to create Windows Performance log files.


Tech Note 64: How to copy Wonderware InTouch application

When troubleshooting Wonderware InTouch application it may be necessary to provide a copy of the application in question to technical support. This document lists the procedures necessary to utilize the Wonderware InTouch Application Publisher Utility to create a backup of your application.


Tech Note 59: Getting Started With ArchestrA Graphics and Wonderware InTouch 10

This tech note explains how to create and display an ArchestrA graphic in a Wonderware InTouch 10 application. This technote is demonstrating only one of several methods available to application developers when utilizing ArchestrA Graphics. Please review the User Guides, which are installed with InTouch 10 and Application Server 3.0, for additional information regarding ArchestrA Graphics with InTouch 10 applications.