Tech Notes

Tech Note: 043

How to modify tag type, delete a tag and use the Cross Reference Utility in AVEVA InTouch

This Tech Note details some procedures related to InTouch application development such as changing InTouch tag type and deleting the tag after it has already been used. The Tech Note also illustrates using Cross Reference Utility. Without going through the proper procedure only a select few tag types will be available to choose from (i.e. Memory Discrete will only have the option to change to an I/O Discrete or an Indirect Discrete).


Tech Note: 036

How to monitor Wonderware Historian performance from Wonderware Industrial Application Server

The Wonderware Historian (IndustrialSQL Server) includes two features that allow performance statistics to be collected and distributed to network clients. The System Driver module performs the task of collecting historian performance statistics and the InSQL IOServer (INSQLIOS) allows clients to connect via Suitelink to acquire real-time data. Using these two features we can acquire historian performance statistics to clients such as Wonderware Industrial Application Server for real time monitoring and alarming.