Tech Notes

Tech Note: 065

How to use Windows Performance Monitor logs

Determining the cause of system failures especially application crashes can be difficult to pinpoint. Using the Windows Administrative snap-in Performance utility, it is possible to create a graphical representation of the state of the system at a given period of time. The resulting log files can be provided to your Wonderware support provider for analysis. This tech note describes how to create Windows Performance log files.


Tech Note: 049

How to install and configure Wonderware Alarm Database Logger using Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

This Tech Note details the procedure to install Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) needed to store Wonderware InTouch alarm information in a persistent manner. Wonderware Alarm Database Logger utility is necessary to store alarm information in a persistent manner. The utility is automatically installed during InTouch software installation. But the utility requires either Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE). This Tech Note details installation procedure for Microsoft Data Engine 2000 (MSDE).


Tech Note: 043

How to modify tag type, delete a tag and use the Cross Reference Utility in Wonderware InTouch

This Tech Note details some procedures related to InTouch application development such as changing InTouch tag type and deleting the tag after it has already been used. The Tech Note also illustrates using Cross Reference Utility. Without going through the proper procedure only a select few tag types will be available to choose from (i.e. Memory Discrete will only have the option to change to an I/O Discrete or an Indirect Discrete).