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Training Document: 017

Introduction to Application Objects

This training document provides an introduction to application objects in AVEVA Application Server. It explains the concept of application objects, their types, and their configuration options. The document also covers the implementation steps, including creating object templates and instances.


Training Document: 016

Device Integration Redundancy Configuration

Data acquisition redundancy allows high availability of external I/O data through use of a Redundant DI Object (Device Integration Object) that monitors and controls its’ respective primary and backup data sources. This training document explains how to configure and deploy RedundantDIObjects, or RDIOs, for enabling redundant connections to field devices in Application Server.


Training Document: 015

Securing an InTouch Application

InTouch applications can be secured in order to secure the operating system, audit operator's actions, and/or secure the InTouch application itself. Standalone InTouch applications all two different authentication modes, InTouch Security and OS-Based Security. 


Training Document: 012

Configuring Alarm Database Utilities for Standalone InTouch

There are a few alarm utilities for InTouch managing the InTouch Alarm Database. This training document will walk you through the Alarm DB Logger Manager for setting up historical alarm logging to a database and the Alarm DB Purge-Archive for memory management of the historical alarm database.


Training Document: 010

Configuring Multi-Monitor for InTouch

This training document will take you through how to configure an InTouch application to display on multiple monitors. This document also assumes you have a basic understanding of using WindowMaker and creating windows.


Training Document: 009

Importing and Exporting System Platform Objects

When developing in Application Server, you may find it useful or necessary at a point to share objects or recreate them in other Galaxies. To accomplish this, you can use the IDE's export/import functions. When you perform an export, the resulting .aaPKG file includes the selected objects, associated templates, and their configuration state.  The exported file can be later imported into the same or another Galaxy.


Training Document: 008

Using Scripting to Enhance the AVEVA Alarm Client Control

 ⭐ Free Access ⭐

The AVEVA Alarm Client Control is a .NET control available in all Standalone + Symbols and Managed InTouch applications in 2020 and newer. Since it is a .NET control, it has a number of built-in properties and functions that can be used to enhance the basic Alarm Client functionality. In this training document, we will utilizes these options and create several buttons to perform Alarm Acknowledgement and Alarm Filtering.