Virsec Security

Protect Your Application Workloads from the Inside

Network or endpoint security isn’t enough against today’s threats. Virsec stops known and unknown threats, delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy, while simplifying your security operations.

complete runtime visbility

Complete Runtime Visibility

Virsec is instrumented in the server workload and delivers complete visibility across the application stack from the inside.

application awareness

Application Awareness

AppMap® technology maps what apps are allowed to do and instantly stops deviations at the first step before damage is done.

comprehensive protetion

Comprehensive Protection

Protects all your apps – custom, COTS, third-party, legacy, SCADA on any platform – on-prem virtual, cloud, hybrid, container.

Virsec Security Platform

Application-aware workload protection

Secures enterprise applications and server workloads from the inside, against dangerous cyberattacks that bypass conventional security.

Virsec Security Platform stops known and unknown threats across any application on any platform with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Virsec is the only vendor to protect the entire attackable surface of the application — including Host, Memory, and Web layers enabling businesses to consolidate their security infrastructure while dramatically reducing analysis time and labor.

Virsec Application Aware Server Workload protection

A Radically New Approach to Security

Virsec Security Platform is the only solution to protect all your applications from end to end, on any platform.

Protect ALL Your Applications

Secure all the apps that run your business — custom, off-the-shelf, legacy, industrial controls and more.

Secure the FULL Workload

Protect all application layers – host, memory, web, processes, and file systems.

Defend Apps on ANY Platform

Protection that stays with your apps, in on any platform or hybrid environment.

Virsec Solutions

Powerful Protection for Critical Applications

The most advanced security threats thrive on unpredictability. Virsec’s innovative platform makes sure your business-critical applications always execute correctly and never go off the rails. With Virsec, you can protect any application including:

Enterprise Applications

End-to-end protection for your public-facing business apps — from web apps to backend servers.

Legacy Applications

Keep your legacy systems safe with virtual patching and runtime protection.

Cloud Workloads

Secure critical workloads from the inside regardless of where they operate.

Critical Systems

Protect mission-critical apps that can’t go down, from SCADA to ERP to defense.

Virsec protecting the full stack
Virsec protects the world’s most important applications and systems from the inside, stopping advanced cyberattacks on any application workload in any environment. Contact us to learn more about security solutions for your organization.