PI Server


What is AVEVA PI Server? And what’s next?

See why AVEVA PI Server is the industry standard for real-time data management, and what’s in the works for new releases.


Create a foundational system of record

Gather data from disparate sources and formats into a single location.

Find relevant data faster

Use intuitive tagging in Asset Framework to make data understandable across your enterprise not just to SCADA experts.

Securely archive decades of operations data

Maintain the full original fidelity of time-series data.

Keep data highly secure and reliable for mission-critical scenarios

Ensure the integrity and availability of critical operations data with robust end-to-end security, high availability, and auditing tools.

Kellogg’s increased mean time between failures rate by 180%

By channeling digitized operations data into AVEVA PI Server and analyzing it in context, Kellogg’s significantly reduced failure rates and cut critical control points by 64%.



Data Archive

Store millions of tags and thousands of values per second over multiple decades, no matter what kind of sensor-based measurements or process data you collect.

Asset Analytics

Transform raw data into actionable KPIs using streaming calculations. Create simple or complex calculations with an easy-to-use interface and a rich set of built-in functions.


Stay informed on performance anomalies or deviations by sending alerts in real time when a data stream moves beyond specified parameters or user-defined thresholds.

Asset Framework

Add context to raw data streams. Organize data intuitively into customized hierarchies and reusable data structures.

Event Frames

Pinpoint key events. Analyze and compare their data for root cause analysis and to define best practices.

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