Business Intelligence Gateway


Transforming industrial data into actionable intelligence

Taken individually, data sources generally bring valuable information to end users. However, when data sources are assembled together in a single, trusted data set covering industrial operations as a whole, the business value of visualization tools thrives.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway synthesizes data from across the plant, revealing relationships that would be all but invisible otherwise. It models big data into manageable chunks, so that industrial teams can track performance against the metrics that matter most – in time enough to make a difference.

Gain new insights into optimization potentials that may be hidden in disconnected functional domains or in separate data sets. By providing a single version of the truth and contextualizing data, Intelligence helps you make strategic sense out of your production data.

Make Strategic Sense Out of Data

Use Your Data to Maintain Competitiveness

Industrial operations leverage multiple software systems and spreadsheets to manage day-to-day operations in an effective and secure manner. These systems each generate large data sets due to process speed and product flow. Common examples include: process data, alarm data, material, production, consumption, execution and asset utilization logs, quality information, energy usage, and operational costs.

Drive Effective Collaboration

Easy to use configuration tools help define cost, production, quality, energy, material consumption and other metrics from disparate data sources up front. The powerful transformation engine works behind the scenes to compute metrics at the right time and renders them on-demand for users across multiple devices.

Analyze Data from Everywhere

Blend data from AVEVA or third party applications.  Use data stored in System Platform as well as your MES, ERP, LIMS or PDM, for a truly consistent enterprise wide view. See transactional and historian data in mutual context.

Configurable Information Model

The Information Model is configured and structured using three components:

    • Data sources – defining the access to the source system, including type, location and authentication
    • Measures – defining the metric calculations to be performed
    • Dimensions – defining the context added to measures, such as lot ids, shifts, reason codes, etc

Proven solution, proven results

  • Reduce energy consumption by 30%
  • 30% quality improvement
  • 30% productivity improvement
  • 30% asset utilization increase
AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway Data Sources
AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway Dashboard

The Business Case

With tighter adherence to operating goals near real-time resolution, you will be better able to understand the impact of planning, execution, staffing and equipment behavior on key strategy variables such as quality, performance, material and energy consumption.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway is a powerful solution that helps you maximize return on investment in plant floor and enterprise solutions, unlocking the business relevant context hidden in the distributed data of your existing applications. It adds the information and insight you need for more transparency to the true cost and profit contributions from your operations.

AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway Devices

Information visibility at the right time empowers workers and operations decision makers to change the way they plan, schedule or act.