Manufacturing Execution Systems Components

Manufacturing processes are a complex series of steps involving numerous machines, materials, processes and transitions. The execution of these activities requires accuracy, precision and timeliness to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction. By utilizing a digital execution system, organizations can dramatically improve their manufacturing process, revealing efficiency improvements and opportunities to reduce waste.

Manufacturing Execution Systems can take many shapes and can be implemented in many different ways depending on the needs and sophistication of the organization. Our solutions offer a module based approach that enables the activation of capabilities as required, with tight integration to the Operations Technology layer for real-time data contextualization, and extensibility into the OT Enterprise and ERP layers for corporate visibility.

Manufacturing Execution System Solutions

AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System

Digital manufacturing execution enables standardization of operational processes, and reduces production costs by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and rework and providing higher quality products.

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AVEVA Batch Management

Automation of the batch processes delivers consistent quality to recipe specifications, maximizes asset utilization, helps eliminate paper records, and reduces batch release cycles.

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AVEVA Recipe Management

Simplified recipe optimization, deployment, adaptation, and execution. Increase operational efficiency and flexibility by reducing product changeover time and enforce product quality and repeatability.

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AVEVA Insight Equipment Efficiency

A modern lightweight, yet sophisticated MES solution at a much lower cost footprint. Designed for use on tablet devices, provides quick and easy determination of equipment utilization and state instantly.

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AVEVA Line Performance Suite

Manages overall packaging line performance with integrated reporting and analysis, enabling users with real-time line information and the capability to identify performance improvement areas.

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