Line Performance Suite


Ensure Peak Performance

Tight margins, global competition, brand protection. How do you as a Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, or Pharmaceutical manufacturer take advantage of new technologies while maintaining critical operating and financial conditions? AVEVA Line Performance Suite helps you uncover hidden potentials in your production plants that will optimize equipment uptime, line throughput, product changeover and product quality.

AVEVA Line Performance Suite manages overall packaging line performance with integrated reporting and analysis fed from the process. In addition to being a work order management and execution platform, it provides dashboard and production reports, enabling users with real-time information of packaging line performance and the capability to identify performance improvement areas.

Improve equipment uptime, increase line throughput, and improve quality

Content Cards

Line Performance is equipped with useful content cards, providing users clear visibility of production status including group summary, entity summary and entity actionable summary.

Foreign Language Capability

Text shown in Line Performance are labeled with resource key, supporting quick switching between languages. The solution allows new resource keys to be added in the event of newly added contents and customized pages.

Customizable Page Views

The contents page is dynamic and can be created or modified by simply selecting content cards of interest. Users are also able to fetch contents from other internal or external sources.

Based on Model-Driven MES

Model-driven operations management enforces business processes, enables collaboration and standardizes best practices. Provides one consistent experience and facilitates corporate-wide standardization of practices, allowing multi-site operations management.

Proven Approach

Rapid ROI is one of the many benefits of using our Operate and Optimise tools. But what does that look like?

We show how it comes to life in the first 12 months for Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers.

Line Performance Benefits

Optimize Throughput and Equipment Utilization
AVEVA Line Performance Suite is unique in its comprehensive data acquisition and processing capability. It can run large volumes of process data quickly without affecting system performance. This provides real-time information needed to enable in-depth line performance evaluations and actions required for process improvements

Empower Operations
Equipped with an easy-to-use user interface dashboard and reports, process engineers can quickly access both real-time and historical data. Rich performance reporting and analysis covers all relevant information needed for production, quality and maintenance teams.

Reduce Cost of Deployment
A predefined / standardized user interface, along with dashboard, reports, configuration and installation procedures, reduce the customization time needed for deployment. This makes the installation and configuration easy, reduces the engineering time and cost and mitigates the risks and errors that could happen during deployment

Enjoy Paperless Operations
Automates data consolidation, and presents meaningful information in the system without requiring manual tabulation efforts, reducing the risk of errors and creating a more responsive, adaptive environment.

AVEVA Line Performance Suite Benefits

Increasing your Return on Assets (ROA) through in-depth performance evaluation and maximizing process equipment utilization can start here.