Edge Device Management


Provision and Manage Remote Devices Across Architectures

AVEVA Edge Management introduces a powerful framework for provisioning software and managing remote devices at the edge. Edge Management is a part of the AVEVA Connect, our common cloud platform, where AVEVA software can be provisioned easily using flexible subscription models, and users can access devices at the edge of the network to quickly deploy applications or manage software remotely.

Edge Management enables edge applications to be successfully incorporated into a variety of hybrid architectures including industrial internet of things (IIoT). The result is an edge application lifecycle that enables operational excellence and asset performance anywhere via the cloud.


Reduce Costs

Instead of individually maintaining disparate devices across multiple networks, AVEVA Edge Management makes it easy to securely manage and maintain edge devices from one central location. Save time and money to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Simplify Device Management

AVEVA Edge Management ensure that all your industrial devices can be maintained from anywhere, anytime. Rather than relying solely on local expertise, status and health of devices and deployed applications can be monitored remotely, and applications can be standardized across different locations. This makes it easier than ever to maintain currency of devices.


The Power of the AVEVA™ Connect

Edge Management leverages AVEVA Connect to give users the capability to incorporate edge data into a variety of architectures including IIoT, and hybrid-cloud. This open, agnostic service means users can also manage complete edge device lifecycles over a remote cloud connection:

  • Register Devices
  • Configure Modules
  • Deploy
  • Monitor
  • Support



AVEVA™ Edge SCADA is a highly scalable, flexible software that provides the tools for everything from advanced HMI/SCADA applications to small-footprint embedded applications. The rich feature set enables users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI/SCADA applications for any industry. AVEVA Edge offers everything required to connect to almost any PLC or controller, create remote HMI applications (for web, Smartphone, or tablet), and develop for a variety of operating systems. Through AVEVA Edge Management Services, AVEVA Edge SCADA allows you to remotely monitor and control edge devices and standardize applications across geographically distributed networks.

AVEVA™ Edge IoT View

AVEVA™ Edge IoT View is a small-footprint runtime for AVEVA™ Edge that runs on edge devices using Linux or VxWorks operating systems. AVEVA Edge IoT View also allows you to remotely monitor and control edge devices and standardize applications across geographically distributed networks, making it ideal for architectures featuring multiple edge devices.