Asset Performance Management Components

Understanding asset health is necessary to optimizing maintenance activities and preventing critical failures. However that often means sorting through staggering volumes of data to find small variations in normal operating parameters. This is where the rise of AI and Machine Learning play a part, in helping to analyze massive data stores to find trends and cues that may indicate abnormal behavior leading to a failure.

Asset Performance Management solutions utilize both pre-set conditions and variable machine learning to trigger action for possible issues related to asset operations. These tools augment existing alarm capabilities found in traditional HMI and SCADA applications to narrow in on signals that may be missed by simple threshold alerts.

AVEVA Predictive Analytics

Helps organizations gain the highest return on critical assets by supporting predictive maintenance programs with early warning detection of equipment issues ahead of existing operational alarms.


AVEVA Condition Management

Create conditional alerts in real-time, providing early failure detection and driving appropriate actions to increase asset availability, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime.


AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

Asset Strategy Optimization software enables you to create and analyse the effects of different asset management strategies, providing clear insight into the consequences, results and benefits related to asset availability, HSE compliancy, productivity, and profitability.


AVEVA Process Optimization (formerly ROMeo)

AVEVA Process Optimization uses real-time and off-line process and economic data to guarantee maximum operating profit while satisfying all regulatory requirements