E3D Design


Closing the Gaps for Faster Project Delivery

AVEVA E3D Design combines the latest 3-dimensional graphics and user interface technologies with state-of-the-art data management. Deliver your projects more quickly, by eliminating errors and rework, and collaborate more effectively with teams within your business and with your partners.

Harness the power of digital innovation in the real world. AVEVA E3D Design enables you to create tailored designs for your plant quickly and easily. Boost your productivity, and enable your workforce to deliver better plant layouts.

Complete everyday tasks easily, starting with the canvas, the reliance on explorers and the command line using modern graphical tools. Our intuitive user interface is highly efficient. Tools are easy to find and even easier to use. The Powerwheel makes it easy and quick to work through changes.

Piping, Supports and Structural workflows are streamlined and design creation and modification is quick and efficient.

Reduce Cost, Shorten Timescales, Manage Project Risk

E3D Design modules

  • MODEL – interactive 3D design, consistency checking and Bills of Materials
  • DRAW – production of scaled drawings from the 3D model
  • ISODRAFT – production of piping isometrics from the 3D model

Business benefits

  • Easy to adopt
  • Rapid project start-up
  • Design efficiency
  • Rework-free construction
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reliable project execution
  • Future-tolerance

Fulfils three essential requirements

  • Enables clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design, and rapidly generate accurate drawings and reports to meet demanding project schedules.
  • Reduces cost, timescales and commercial risks of both new-build
    and brownfield capital engineering projects and support users’ long-term
    development of efficient Lean Construction methodologies.
  • Provides best-in-class project execution capabilities and the ability to collaborate with the extensive global community of AVEVA users.

The no-risk upgrade

  • It is built on existing, trusted technology from AVEVA, using our own proprietary database.
  • You can adopt the system incrementally by project, department, team or individual. This means you can add features and functions to live projects.
  • It is fully interoperable with all other AVEVA Engineering, Design and Management products.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Save up to 40% of design time
  • Experience new levels of design capability
  • Reduce time to deliverables
  • Maintain control throughout the design chain
  • Verify compliance with less effort
  • Avoid costly construction errors
AVEVA E3D Design Laser Data
AVEVA E3D Design Model

Design quality assurance

Intelligent clash detection and highlighting, both between individual design objects and between design objects and laser scans of as-built structure, helps designers avoid clashes as they work. Clashes are classified for reporting and management purposes as ‘hard’, where objects physically occupy overlapping space; ‘soft’, where objects’ exclusion volumes for accessibility overlap, or as intermediate conditions. All clashes are reported for project management purposes until eliminated.

AVEVA E3D Design Clash

Benefit from the most comprehensive, productive and tightly integrated 3D plant design solution on the market.