Data Hub


AVEVA Data Hub removes the barriers to data-sharing using the scale and flexibility of the cloud. AVEVA Data Hub is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service that provides real-time data to users in remote locations or outside the company’s network.

As a fully managed cloud service, AVEVA Data Hub is ready to use from day one. It can be expanded on demand without additional infrastructure or IT staff. And because AVEVA Data Hub is integrated with the AVEVA PI System, companies can transition their industrial data to the cloud at their own pace.

With AVEVA Data Hub, companies can more easily explore AI and predictive analytics, unlock operational efficiencies, increase sustainability, and drive digital transformation.

Designed for industrial data, cloud ready

Unlike other big data solutions, AVEVA Data Hub was designed to reliably capture diverse types of time series and other sequentially ordered industrial data. This data platform collects and stores raw data in its original fidelity, along with metadata and data context, to make industrial data easy for non-experts to understand. And, as a fully managed SaaS platform, there’s nothing to install or maintain. You can quickly start aggregating, visualizing, and integrating data into your preferred analysis tools and applications to develop insight more quickly and with less data wrangling.

Optimized for industrial, time-series data

High performance platform supports the volume and velocity of real-time data streams and related contextual information.

Secure data sharing, inside and outside the enterprise

Browser-based access from remote locations. Built-in trendlines and shareable data views for easier collaboration.

Ready-to-use PaaS, no development or maintenance required

Aggregate data into a secure, centralized hub. Deliver curated data easily to applications and analysis tools for faster time-to-value.

Unlock new opportunities with AVEVA Data Hub

Advanced data analysis

Look deeper and get answers faster. Deliver pre-formatted data and related context directly to popular platforms like Microsoft Power BI. Feed predictive analytics applications to adopt condition-based maintenance.

Remote monitoring

Reduce the cost and effort of monitoring assets outside your control network. Collect a wide variety of IIoT and sensor data to enable local or remote performance monitoring.

Digital services partners

Leverage real time operations data as the foundation for valuable new services. Suppliers and service providers can now easily access their clients’ real time operations data to deliver customized connected services.

Connected community

Make it safer, easier, and less expensive to share critical operations data. Help remote workers collaborate using any device, from any location.

AVEVA Data Hub serves as the foundation for strategic use of operations data and the basis of predictive analytics, smart manufacturing, digital twins and more. AVEVA Data Hub is natively integrated with PI System components on-premises and at the edge, to support a hybrid data architecture.

What if you could unlock more insights from your critical operations data to drive meaningful change? What if you could combine raw data streams with related contextual information, share it with trusted partners, and easily deliver it in the right format to advanced analysis tools? AVEVA Data Hub lets you do all that. Let us help you realize the possibilities of AVEVA Data Hub.