Asset Strategy Optimization


Match Maintenance Strategy to Asset Criticality with Risk-Based Maintenance

Defining the best way to manage your production assets is a key success factor in achieving your business objectives. AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization uses smart APM technology to improve insight into operational performance and to reduce time to value, with less effort. Asset Strategy Optimization software enables you to create and analyse the effects of different asset management strategies, providing clear insight into the consequences, results and benefits related to asset availability, HSE compliancy, productivity, and profitability. Asset Performance optimization has never been easier or more efficient.

AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization Matrix

Optimize Your Asset Performance Strategy

Maximized Return

Interfaces seamlessly with existing EAM systems, such as AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management, to enable users to get the most out of existing investments and speed up installation, implementation and deployment.

Complete Asset Control

Simulate maintenance strategies to calculate effects and ROI over the entire asset life cycle and export strategies directly to the EAM system for planning and execution.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

A comprehensive built-in root cause analysis module for incident logging, solution definitions, and secure prevention – including an average 1:30 ROI within a year.

Industry Equipment Libraries

Built with 20 years of equipment reliability data, the Asset Strategy Optimization software accelerates deployment time by up to 90 percent, allowing users to obtain return on investment much more quickly.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Decrease CAPEX by 30%
  • Reduce Maintenance & Inspection Costs 50%
  • 25% Reduction in Spare Parts Cost
  • Increase Asset Availability 15%
AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization Diagram

Introduction to AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

Ensure the Most Important Assets Receive Priority

AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization solutions enable a comprehensive view into current asset performance to identify improvement opportunities, perform analyses and simulation, determine the best maintenance strategies, and visualize deployment effects.

  • Objective definition of plant performance standards, shared across departments
  • All critical assets are identified and maintained to achieve performance standards
  • Maintenance strategy optimized for cost, plant performance and risk
  • Predict the impact of different maintenance scenarios
  • Adapt maintenance strategy to changing conditions and objectives
  • Missing and inconsistent asset and maintenance data
AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization Stock Analysis

Evaluating a realistic & Risk-based Asset Management strategy to identify and address improvement opportunities?