XR (Extended Reality)


Augmented Operations and Maintenance

AVEVA XR provides a comprehensive offering of augmented and virtual reality tools to create immersive visual environments for enhanced operations management and digital training simulations.

Augmented Reality extends real time, easy-to follow visual, step-by-step operating procedures and key messages to operations personnel, which reduces human error and guides operators to appropriate equipment for performing specific tasks. Operators are also supplied with information about the location of existing hazards by superimposing them over the operator’s location and the asset they’re maintaining.

Virtual Reality environments can be created for single object or entire facility simulations that encapsulate real operating conditions for teaching best practices. These learning environments offer new employees an opportunity to speed up their training and reveal mistakes immediately in a no-risk situation.

Empowering Operators with AVEVA XR

Helps Solve Common Workforce Challenges

Capture best practices before they walk out the door with retiring experienced personnel. Reduce training speed and standardize training procedures. Simulate equipment parameters for sophisticated control and safety conditions.

Digitally Transform Operator Tasks

  • AVEVA’s AR/VR solution is a powerful toolset based on Microsoft Visual Studio, DirectX and the Windows API.
  • Render a Digital Twin–A complete high fidelity digital representation of a physical asset within an Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or a Mixed Reality (MR) environment.
  • A digital twin provides a safe, reliable environment to study, inspect, and test asset maintenance and optimization strategies prior to implementation.

Immersive Training Environment

Through an immersive photorealistic training environment, operators are connected to dynamic process simulation and panel operator interfaces for total team training. This enables an experiential learning method with repeatable structured curriculum for operator development and assessment.

Hardware Agnostic

A variety of hardware platforms are supported including:

  • VR HMD (all types)
  • AR/MR Wearables
  • 3D Projection
  • CAVE – Multi-screens
  • UHS Screens
  • Mobile Devices and Tablets

Proven solution, proven results

  • Reduction in errors, loss, and downtime
  • Faster task execution
  • Increased work task understanding
  • Uniform workforce upskill
  • Efficient Training Program Roll out
AVEVA XR Maintenance Example

High Performance Real-Time Rendering

AVEVA XR (Extended Reality) software explores all forms of XR (AR, VR and MR) to create the most suitable interface for workers, assets & documentation, and real-time information, enabling the best decisions and the most efficient work execution.

AVEVA XR is hardware/device-agnostic and provides a friendly interface for accessing information from:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Operation Status
  • Historic Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Optimization Results
  • Guided Procedures
  • Training Systems
AVEVA XR Design Studio

Enter a new era of industrial operations by utilizing next generation technology to implement Extended Reality across your facility.