Alarm Notification Platform

Dynamically Responsive and Highly Configurable

WIN-911 delivers critical alarms & alerts in real time, integrating with the world’s leading SCADA, HMI and control systems.

WIN-911 uses configuration logic to filter, route, and escalate alarms and events to designated recipients through multiple notification methods. WIN-911 supports single and bi-directional communication for alarms, acknowledgements, informational requests, and reports.

WIN-911 supports one or two-way email notifications for different security protocols to comply with control network security standards. SMS notifications support standards and modems used worldwide and character sets for all major spoken languages. WIN-911 supports notifications via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as over fixed/analog lines; both as a backup should the internet go down, or for users that do not wish to use the internet for security reasons. Support for in-plant or wide area alphanumeric paging systems, marquee, plant announcement/PA systems, and most major web browsers.

Notification escalation engine

Configure notification workflows to best meet your operational needs. From a simple callout list to complex escalation logic, WIN-911’s patented, script free, drag and drop user interface makes configuration easy and intuitive.

Advanced Scheduling

Control notification logic utilizing individual and shared schedules evaluated at the time of the alarm. Complex shift scheduling made easy using an Outlook/Google style calendar control.

Notification options

  • Smartphone App – Interactive, intuitive APPS using push notifications for Apple, Android, and Windows devices.
  • SMS Text Message – Secure, text based alarm notification over cellular networks. Supports both USB and Ethernet IP cellular modems.
  • Email – Rich HTML or plain text templates support a wide range of devices. Protocol support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSL/TLS.
  • Voice Calls – Text-to-speech engine dynamically reads alarm information. Supports VoIP (SIP) or analog phones (USB voice modem).
  • Reporting – Rich or plain text report templates are available. Reports can be sent on demand or based on alarm conditions.
  • Increase reliability of alarm notification
  • Improve alarm response time
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Insight into common errors or maintenance requirements
Win911 Notifications
Win911 Comparison

Integration & Connections

WIN-911 Direct Connects provide a native connection to leading SCADA/HMI systems enabling ease of configuration, performance optimization, and syncing of alarm acknowledgements and other data. The use of Alarm Subscriptions, which filter alarms into WIN-911, eliminates the need to maintain two separate alarm databases providing faster integration, with simplified setup and less on-going maintenance.

Win911 Integrations

Make it easy to deliver critical alarm information remotely, to the right person at the right time, maximizing system uptime, while reducing system maintenance and staff costs.