Performance Support & Collaboration

AVEVA Teamwork enables industrial organizations to implement skills development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration management across their enterprise from the cloud.

Whether providing training videos, digital logbook or answering a call for help, AVEVA Teamwork solves many of the challenges with traditional training and knowledge retention industrial organizations experience today.

Reduce the time it takes to get frontline workers up to speed on the basic skills needed to run today’s complex industrial operations and create a digital knowledge repository that standardizes and stores best practices and detailed process knowledge before experienced workforces retire.

Workers connect through an intuitive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app to perform tasks, achieve learning goals, identify and manage issues, and capture and document standards. AVEVA Teamwork can further extend this information, connecting to a wide selection of industrial systems such as HMI/SCADA, CMMS, ERP, MES, QMS, LMS and more.

Teamwork for All Roles

AVEVA Teamwork Workers


  • Workers collaborate in real-time to share important production related events, solve problems, and capture ideas for continuous improvement
  • Use tablets to access how-to videos, training guides, work instructions and other digital knowledge
  • Solve problems and capture best practices in the flow of daily work
AVEVA Teamwork Supervisors


  • Real-time visibility into what’s happening on the plant floor, enabling more efficient management of daily operations
  • Deliver and track training for workers, upskilling and certifications with a review pane to view pending and completed training
  • Track and resolve problems through call for help escalation and collaboration with subject matter experts
AVEVA Teamwork Corporate


  • Stakeholders from Health & Safety, Quality and HR gain greater visibility and control over upskilling and policies for a better way to track and enforce global standards and compliance
  • Centralize all COVID-19 policies, guidelines and local best practices in a dedicated news channel for quick and easy access
AVEVA Teamwork collage

Connecting Workers using the Cloud with AVEVA Teamwork

Utilize the cloud to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing through an intuitive performance support solution built for industry.


  • Stay up to date with the news feed
  • Filter notifications by type
  • Posts organized by channel, type, equipment, workstation, product & user tagging
  • Segment communication channels
  • Promote engagement with posts
  • Attach multimedia files
  • Assign permissions and moderation

Skills Management

  • Define multi-step training programs
  • Assign training to workers based on location and title
  • Create exams
  • Review skills in a matrix view
  • Revise training content & certifications
  • Grant endorsement and perform assessments
  • Report and export
AVEVA Teamwork Mobile Interface

Digital Knowledge

  • Library of training materials, troubleshooting solutions and standard work instructions
  • Content structure mirrors operations environment
  • Multimedia centric with video, images, documents or links
  • Quick QR code access
  • Create forms & checklists for data collection
  • Content approval workflows & ISO compliant versioning
  • Report and analyze viewership
  • Translation & language management
  • Automatic sharing for common assets across sites
  • Restrict access to content

Issues Management

  • Problem feed captures operations related problems with text, photos and video
  • Route notifications and “Calls for Help” to experts
  • Tag equipment & workstations to create a digital logbook of past events
  • Review every area’s issues at-a-glance (Kanban)
  • Assign tasks and receive status updates
  • Automatically convert issues into work instruction/troubleshooting solutions
AVEVA Teamwork Desktop Call For Help

Empower workers with the knowledge & digital resources they need to do their jobs effectively

Deliver and manage all training

utilizing the cloud as a more effective approach to continuous learning that minimizes production disruptions and connects workers through shared knowledge.

Ensure skills coverage and compliance

with a holistic method to managing skills & training that empowers supervisors, HR & workers.

Increase visibility and insight into production

with a centralized digital logbook to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration.

Drive performance and minimize inconsistencies

through an equipment-focused perspective to standardizing work across shifts and plants that supports continuous in-the-flow learning.

Reduce downtime and find permanent solutions

using a closed-loop process to problem solving that supports and engages workers in a culture of continuous improvement.

Integrate with existing systems

leveraging your greater operations and digital transformation strategy to trigger actions and share information with HMI/SCADA, MES, CMMS and more.

Teamwork Desktop Skills Map
AVEVA Teamwork is designed to empower workers with the finger-tip-away assistance and digital resources they need, available in the cloud, to do their jobs effectively and increase overall productivity. Let Industrial Software Solutions help you get started today.