Longwatch Video Surveillance
(By Industrial Video & Control)

Industrial-grade video cameras that deliver outstanding performance in demanding environments

Longwatch Video Surveillance is a complete stand-alone video monitoring solution that can be integrated into existing process control systems. The system is composed of industrial grade software and video recording hardware along with a flexible ‘thin client’ viewer interface. The package includes multiple process control interfaces based on industry standards such as OPC and MODBUS TCP.

  • SCADA /HMI integration
  • Distributed architecture
  • Low bandwidth
  • Autonomous operation
  • Digital video recording
  • Event-based recording
  • Natural extension of your process control system
Longwatch Video Surveillance
Distributed System Architecture

Distributed System Architecture

The distributed architecture of IVC’s Longwatch system ensures that your critical remote operations are continuously monitored. Remote Video Engines (RVE) provide recording at the edge. The Longwatch Video Control Center (VCC) is the main portal into the Longwatch system. It contains a configuration interface for all Remote and Local Video Engines and attached cameras. It provides a web interface for viewing video locally or remotely on laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

With cameras and Longwatch video management software from IVC, camera video can now be treated as another piece of process data. Features included in IVC’s Longwatch software packages allow you to deliver this video data quickly and in an intuitive format. The result is quicker, better informed decision making.

IVC’s Longwatch video software provides a power platform that is capable of bringing video directly from the farthest reaches of your operations back to the control room. Because it offers the best network flexibility in the industry, your infrastructure investment is leveraged from the past, and protected for the future.

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An industry leader in the development of state-of-the-art video monitoring systems that are built to operate reliably in demanding environments. Our Longwatch camera management software platform helps users combine video with SCADA system data for the ultimate understanding of operations. Improve productivity with instant visual verification of process data with Wonderware’s InTouch HMI, Historian, and MES software.