Automation Change Management

Helping you avoid risk, by protecting your investment

Companies invest a significant amount of money into the physical equipment that is used to run their processes, often times just as much, or more is spent on the automation programming that controls them. Does your company have a change management process in place to protect that investment?

Lacking clarity as to which programs are running on which devices at any given point can lead to real problems in automated production facilities. Finding the right version can be very time consuming and any confusion can have an adverse effect on quality, production volumes, or even cause line stoppage.

versiondog analyzes the automation device and system programming running across the plant floor using automated backup and compare functions to monitor, track and store changes. This synchronization between versiondog and plant systems enables the distribution and monitoring of company-wide technical standards and provides greater control, security and visibility into understanding the who, what, when, where and why of changes to automation devices and systems involved in manufacturing processes.


Components of automation change management

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Example of graphical compare

1 – Backup

versiondog can run on-demand or by schedule to automatically backup and secure all of your industrial automation programming. A centralized archive is used to manage each revision which ensures a complete history of the changes made. In the event of non-networked devices, the versiondog Backup Client can be used to capture and restore the programming of unconnected equipment.

2 – Compare

Comparison can be done automatically with triggered alerts when changes are detected, or manually using a client. In most cases, the versiondog Smart Compare process does not require the vendor software, enabling a simplified comparison process. Detailed analysis can be done to drill down into graphical representations of the exact changes. In addition, compare reports can even be viewed independently of the automation equipment program for at-a-glance management review.

3 – Restore

In the event that a piece of equipment is damaged, or an unauthorized or bad change was made, versiondog can restore a previously saved revision of the program ensuring your process is returned to operation as quickly as possible. Saving time versus having to hunt through file directories or spreadsheets to track down the latest release.

4 – Audits, Analysis & Security

versiondog change management provides increased security to your industrial automation assets by securing the programs from alteration. User security can be assigned so that only authorized users have permission to modify automation programming. In addition, versiondog reporting provides detailed analysis of changes and supports documentation according to international standards such as ISO 900x, GMP, GAMP, VDA6.4 and FDA 21 CFR 11.

Features of versiondog

The versiondog system is a modern change management application specifically designed for today’s industrial automation. It brings a variety of features focused on improving equipment visibility, ease of use and security, while offering a simple installation process and maximum value to the business.

Full Client

The full client enables users to perform the majority of versiondog’s functionality, including:

  • Create and maintain your project tree
  • Copy data from the server archive to the client archive (Check-Out)
  • Document changes and create new versions
  • Copy data from the client archive to the server archive (Check-In)
  • Compare versions
  • Free compare any two files/directories/projects
  • Restore older versions
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Easy Client

The Easy Client is designed as a slimmed down application for users that don’t need or shouldn’t have access to the more advanced change management features. It features a clean interface with a simple 3 option menu for quick changes.


  • Open Editor
  • Open Explorer
  • Create New Version
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Admin Client

The entire versiondog system is administrated by the Admin Client, offering the change management capabilities of the Full Client, plus:


  • Global Configuration Settings
  • Database Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • User Management
  • System Status
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Backup Client

The Backup Client allows users to create backups of automation devices that cannot be accessed by the versiondog system. This is used whenever a connection between the automation device and the versiondog server is not allowed or available.

A laptop with the Backup Client installed is synchronized with the versiondog server and receives the scheduled backup jobs. The laptop is physically connected to the automation device using a connection cable and the backup is carried out. When all the required jobs have been completed, the laptop is disconnected from the device and re-connected to the network to synchronize the backup data from the client to the server.

Reporting Client

Users can create and save on-demand reports based on tracked changes and other system data. These reports can be configured so that administrators are notified of changes as they happen. You are able to have this running on your desktop and be notified of who is on the system and what changes are being made in real-time.


  • See what has been checked out and checked in
  • See which projects are under development
  • See what has been automatically backed up
  • View versiondog event logs
  • Save reports or export to CSV files

Factory Floor Status

versiondog Factory Floor Status provides information needed for proactive maintenance at a glance, from anywhere on the network. It shows the current status of the backup and compare jobs with results, based on the latest version. Additionally, device-specific information is displayed so that the current status of each device can be determined, such as:


  • MLFB numbers
  • RAM usage
  • Battery status
  • PLC firmware version
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Library Management

In many areas of industrial automation, applications are created based on libraries with reusable blocks, also known as standard libraries. The use of libraries with reusable blocks helps to ensure cost-effective and consistent programming.

However, the blocks used in these libraries do not always stay the same. New applications are created and existing applications are updated on a regular basis. Bug fixes, program add-ons and improvements are just some reasons why blocks have to be changed. versiondog Library Management allows users to keep track of these changes.

versiondog Library Management identifies and highlights similarities and differences between blocks used in the project and their templates in the standard library. Any potential inconsistencies can easily be observed and appropriate measures taken to resolve them.

Active Directory

Security and ease of use are critical for a change management system to be effective. versiondog simplifies user management by providing direct integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Rather than having to maintain an independent user list with separate login credentials, versiondog can use Active Directory to grant user permissions to the change management system. Increasing the overall security by aligning the change management system with your on-site infrastructure and reducing extra work associated with maintaining a second set of credentials.

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Time Savings

Change management brings organization to a traditionally unorganized activity. No longer do you need to track and store automation programs on various flash drives or manual spreadsheets. The task becomes entirely automated with versiondog, reducing wasted time spent managing change tracking and providing greater reliability and speed when a version needs to be recovered.

100% Traceability

Bring complete visibility to the programming change process. From the initial check-out process, through change documentation, audit logs and security, versiondog standardizes how changes are conducted, simplifying and structuring from start to finish. Whether you need to determine what was changed, who made the change or where this change is currently active – versiondog makes it easy.


Standardized processes are not new to industry. They exist in every aspect of a production process and yet technological changes don’t often get included. versiondog change management makes the act of tracking changes in industrial automation equipment a reliable and sustainable process, removing the variability and difficulty of traditional methods.

Supported Devices / Software

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  • Beckhoff TwinCat
  • Hitachi
  • Indramat
  • AEG
  • B&R Automation Studio
  • GE Proficy ME
  • IBHsoftec S7 for windows
  • IBHsoftec S5 for windows
  • Mitsubishi GX Works2
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Pilz
  • Rockwell RSLogix5
  • Rockwell RSLogix500
  • Rockwell RSLogix5000
  • Schneider Unity
  • Schneider Concept
  • Schneider Modsoft
  • Siemens STEP 7
  • Siemens STEP 7 TIA
  • Siemens STEP 5
  • Siemens Simotion


  • ABB Freelance
  • Copa Data Zenon
  • GE iFix
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk
  • Siemens Protool
  • Siemens WinCC
  • Siemens WinCC flexible
  • AVEVA Citect
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware System Platform

CNC, Robots and more

  • Fanuc
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  • ABB
  • Adept
  • Comau
  • Kawasaki
  • KUKA
  • Mitsubishi
  • Motoman
  • Stäubli
  • AMT
  • Atlas Copco
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Danfoss
  • Kistler
  • Lenze 8400Protec
  • SEW
  • SICK
  • Siemens SCALANCE Switches
  • Phoenix mGuard Routers
  • Allen Bradley Stratix


  • Adobe PDF
  • Binary
  • CSV
  • EPlan
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PC Image
  • XML

Achieve more certainty, clarity and security by identifying unauthorized program changes immediately, quickly finding the right data needed for disaster recovery and generating change records quickly and easily.