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InTouch Access Anywhere 2017

InTouch Access Anywhere 2017 Version 17.0

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Security enhancements have been added to this release to address a number of security vulnerabilities in the previous release of InTouch Access Anywhere Secure Gateway, 2014 R2 SP1. See the InTouch Access Anywhere Secure Gateway Security Settings section of the Readme for details.
  • An updated InTouch Access Anywhere user interface including start and configuration pages

    Note: If you have customized the InTouch Access Anywhere start page, you will need to reapply these customizations. It is recommended to document these customizations before upgrading.

  • Touch feedback for applications running on touch devices
  • Capability to view Wonderware System Platform...

ABCIP OI Server 7.0

Operations Integration Core 2.0 must be installed prior to installing this OI Server.

This version of ABCIP OI Server supports both activation based licensing and legacy licensing schemes.

The new built-in Auto-Build functionality in the ABCIP G-2.0 OI Server uses the latest OI Server connectivity technology to the Rockwell controllers. This facilitates a very simple workflow that automatically creates the structure of templates, instances, and connectivity objects in System Platform either directly from a PLC (Online Mode) or indirectly from a PLC Program file (Offline Mode).


Operations Integration Core 2.0

This release of the OI Core is an enhancement release. Many new features have been added including:

  • provides a back-end framework for Auto-Build capable OI Servers
  • enabled with the internet of things (IoT) support, with connectivity to various applications
  • DCOM anonymous logon has been removed
  • browser-based web help
  • activation-based licensing support

TI500 OI Server 1.2

Operations Integration Core 1.2 must be installed prior to installing this OI Server.

No UDP support (See Readme for Details).

Supports the Control Technology Inc.

  • CTI2500 (replacing the TI500's series)

Supports the controllers

  • TI545
  • TI565
  • TI575

Supports Serial and Ethernet connectivity


MES 2014 R2

New functionality includes

  • Writing of utilization reason changes can be enabled/disabled.
  • Utilization changes are performed without response through the Microsoft Message Queue.
  • Raw reason codes can be exported and imported for templates and instances. This allows raw reason codes to be transferred to other UCOs (for example, in other galaxies). It also allows a raw reason code XML import file to be created either manually or programmatically outside of ArchestrA to facilitate entry and management of a site's raw reason codes.

ABCIP OI Server 1.2

OS and Product Compatibility: Refer to Operations Integration Core.

Hardware Compatibility:

  • ControlLogix (L5x/L6x: up to Firmware 20 | L7x/L8x: up to Firmware 28)
  • GuardLogix (L6xS: up to Firmware 20 | L7xS: up to Firmware 27)
  • CompactLogix (Lxx: up to Firmware 20 | LxxERM: up to Firmware 28)
  • FlexLogix (Lxx: up to Firmware 16)
  • SoftLogix (Lx: up to Firmware 23)
  • MicroLogix (1100: up to Firmware 15 | 1200/1500: up to Firmware 14)
  • PLC-5
  • SLC500

Protocol Compatibility:

  • Ethernet
  • ControlNet thru Bridge
  • DeviceNet thru Bridge
  • Data Highway Plus (DH+) thru Bridge
  • Data Highway 485 (DH485) thru Bridge