ABCIP OI Server 1.2

OS and Product Compatibility: Refer to Operations Integration Core.

Hardware Compatibility:

  • ControlLogix (L5x/L6x: up to Firmware 20 | L7x/L8x: up to Firmware 28)
  • GuardLogix (L6xS: up to Firmware 20 | L7xS: up to Firmware 27)
  • CompactLogix (Lxx: up to Firmware 20 | LxxERM: up to Firmware 28)
  • FlexLogix (Lxx: up to Firmware 16)
  • SoftLogix (Lx: up to Firmware 23)
  • MicroLogix (1100: up to Firmware 15 | 1200/1500: up to Firmware 14)
  • PLC-5
  • SLC500

Protocol Compatibility:

  • Ethernet
  • ControlNet thru Bridge
  • DeviceNet thru Bridge
  • Data Highway Plus (DH+) thru Bridge
  • Data Highway 485 (DH485) thru Bridge


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