Sentinel 1.1

Sentinel is an application that monitors and manages the performance and availability of your Wonderware system including the core software, the engineered software application(s), license server, and the related hardware and network infrastructure.


Operations Integration Core 3.0

New Product Name

  • The OI Core is now OI Core Communications Driver. However, you may see “OI Core” in some instances of documents, SMC tree hierarchy, upgrade path, and so on.

Secure SuiteLink Connection

  • OI Core will now support and allow both encrypted and non-encrypted communication.

Support for Non-Admin Mode (Standard User)

  • To ensure a higher level of security, the configuration and modification of OI Servers are now restricted to administrative users.
  • Users without administrative rights (Standard users) are permitted only to view the configuration and diagnostics of OI servers.

Intelligence 2017 Update 1

With the release of Intelligence 2017 Update 1 (v3.1), the following list of new features and enhancements are introduced.

  • Migration support: Possible to migrate from Intelligence 2014 R2, Intelligence 2014 R2 P01, Intelligence 2014 R3 and Intelligence 2017 to Intelligence 2017 U1.
  • Dashboard Concurrent Licensing: Any user except server administrator should be able to acquire a 'concurrent' license, irrelevant of the assigned Role.
  • Browser support: You can now access Intelligence using the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. To access Intelligence Model Builder using the Firefox browser, you have to make some changes in the browser settings. For more information, refer to the Intelligence...

Software Asset Manager 4.0

The Software Asset Manager (SAM) is a client application that provides:

  • Automated Wonderware and Citect software product updates notification and distribution.
  • System inventory from your production machines.
  • License inventory from your production machines.
  • Support inventory from multiple sites.
  • Enhanced user interface and improved user experience.
  • License inventory of activation based licenses in addition to .lic based licenses.
  • Microsoft critical patches inventory from your production machines.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities.

MES 2014 R3 Patch 2

This is a patch release to update the MES Web Portal content and the MES Intelligence Reports of MES 2014 R3. This is to be applied on top of an existing MES 2014 R3 or MES 2014 R3 Patch 01 installation.

There is no change to the operating system, database management system, or product compatibility support with this patch.