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Operations Integration Core 1.2 must be installed prior to installing this OI Server.

Supports Omron PLCs on a FINS network:

  • CJ1 Series
  • CJ2 Series
  • CS1 Series
  • CP1 Series
  • CV Series
  • CVM1, and CVM1D Series

The following platforms support the FINS protocol, but were not tested. As such compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

  • C200 Series
  • NJ Series
  • NX Series
  • NSJ Series

InBatch 2014 R3

Change Summary

  • InBatch Reports are now independent of Wonderware Information Server.
  • InBatch Reports are made available through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Provides support for SQL Named Instances on supported SQL versions.
  • Provides support for SQL Express Edition on supported SQL versions (For application development only).
  • Provides support for Phase tagname delimiter that allows the Alarm report to work with A2ALMDB and WWALMDB.
  • New and enhanced look and feel for the InBatch Reporting content.
  • Fixes to several issues reported by customers.

Intelligence 2014 R3

Change Summary

  • Ability to directly use a Historian tag as a time-defining dimension without having to create a custom query ((leveraging the wwResolution field in millisecond for a TDD duration).
  • An Event API exposed through REST-based services, which provides the ability to trigger the refresh of dimensions and measures, through an external application. Measure records can also be refreshed for a specific time range (for example, refresh measure records between 10:00 and 11:30 on a specified day).
  • Higher precision for date time values. The Intelligence data store has been revamped to store all date times using SQL Server's DateTime2(7) datatype.
  • Reintroduction of OSIsoft PI...

SIDirect OI Server

Operations Integration Core 1.1 must be installed prior to installing this OI Server.

  • Device Type: S7-1500
  • Controller Models: S7-1516 / S7-1513 / S7-1511F / S7-1518
  • Hardware Version: 2
  • Firmware Version: 1.8.2
  • CPU types: Standard / SIPLUS / Fail-Safe