Reporting & Analytics Components

Industrial processes create a lot of data, every second, every hour, every day of the week. When that data needs to be analyzed in detail, you need tools that are both powerful and easy to use for the task at hand.

Our reporting & analytics solutions provide a broad feature set for both on-premise and cloud accessibility, across a variety of user types. If you need a cloud dashboard with widgets showing a map, trends and numerical values in one view – we’ve got it with AVEVA Insight. If you need to deep dive into trends over time and compare values to isolate an issue, we’ve got that too with AVEVA Historian Client. If you need to mash together different data sets and provide an interactive KPI report, look no further than AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway.

A key component of Asset to Enterprise is analyzing and contextualizing data to create actionable information – something that can be used to create value and drive action for the organization.

AVEVA Insight Reporting-Analytics

AVEVA Historian Client

A powerful analysis and reporting tool that provides data trending and reporting capabilities that enable workers to quickly troubleshoot issues and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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AVEVA Historian Client Web

Works with any modern HTML5 browser and enables comprehensive search capabilities that indexes all existing tags, user generated keywords and content names.

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AVEVA Insight

Secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS), for collecting, storing, and visualizing industrial data for faster, smarter business decisions, throughout the organization from anywhere. Quickly turn data into a live information feed.

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AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway

Gain new insights into optimization potentials that may be hidden in separate data sets. Provide a single version of the truth, and make strategic sense out of your contextualized production data.

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ODS Dream Report

Capable of collecting and archiving real-time information in open or proprietary databases, generating professional reports on schedule, on event or demand, then publishing and e-distributing those reports.

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