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Real-Time Reporting with Dream Report

Dream Report is a real-time reporting solution based around a configuration focused end user interface, providing the most convenient reporting solution for industrial automation applications.

Built on modern technologies, this reporting tool enables easy connectivity to automation systems and equipment, through over 70 different data interface drivers for both open and proprietary protocols.

Dream Report is capable of collecting and archiving real-time information in open or proprietary databases, generating professional reports on schedule, on event or demand, then publishing and e-distributing those reports.

Dream Report Overview
Dream Report

Data access from any system

Dream Report integrates robust communications to collect data and alarms from multiple real-time and history sources. It uses OPC, OLE and ODBC standards to connect and collect Data from different suppliers. Moreover, Ocean Data Systems develops custom drivers to leverage native history from SCADA systems, DCS, RTUs and more…

Data logging when data isn’t already archived

Dream Report integrates a powerful historian (Data Logger) module to log clean and accurate data to any standard database such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access… This unique feature positions Dream Report™ not only as a reporting tool, but also as the complete solution for accessing data, aggregating data and integrating data from and across all your systems, both industrial and business oriented.

Data extraction & analysis

Dream Report integrates a user friendly graphic object and analytics library to extract Data, generate statistics and format results for display as Values, Tables, Bars, Pies, Charts and more…

Report and dashboard design

Dream Report’s studio integrates an intuitive and easy to learn graphical editor to create beautiful reports and dashboards, delivering the results you need in any industry.

Report generation & distribution

Generates reports and dashboards manually and automatically. The automatic mode enables generation based on events and on schedule. When ready, reports can be automatically printed, emailed, stored and published to any location, even over the web.

Proven solution, proven results

Compliance and Performance Reports and Dashboards are great. But when there’s a problem, you need the ad-hoc ability to drill into your data, select Tags, Pan and Zoom Trends, Export results for further analysis, anytime and anyplace. Dream Report delivers an access anywhere portal for that too. Empower everyone in your workplace with direct access to information.

Dream Report Real-time Dashboard
Dream Report Examples


Built on modern technologies, Dream Report enables easy connectivity to automation systems and equipment (e.g. in buildings, factories, etc.), through over 70 different data interface drivers to both open and proprietary protocols, including an extensive set of AVEVA-specific drivers – AVEVA InTouch real-time and historical log (lgh) files, AVEVA Historian, AVEVA System Platform, AVEVA Mobile Operator, and Alarm loggers databases.

  • Real-time connectivity to SCADA, HMIs, PLCs
  • Connectivity to historical databases – SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
  • Direct connectivity to proprietary historians
  • Open communication protocols e.g. OPC, Modbus

Dream Report User Interface

Dream Report combines four different modules to develop and execute reports.

  • Studio has two studios, the logger and designer. In the logger studio, users define first the connectivity with all data sources deployed and then the logging rules for the Data to be archived in Dream Report’s history. The Designer Studio is based on standard interface and toolbars, with drag and drop data extraction objects making the taking in hand very fast.
  • Run Time executes reporting projects. To generate and distribute reports proactively, the Run Time as to run permanently. The user interface shows the list of reports to be executed and the current status for each one. It also enables to select any report and generate it instantly with the last updated values.
  • Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) allows users can select any report template running in the Run Time and generate a new report on demand instantly. This module is available as a standard windows application, a Web application and as an Active X component to be integrated on SCADA application for example.
  • Web Portal is ideal for distributing and sharing reports over the Internet/Intranet. Users can easily browse and display PDF reports from the current project running or generate new reports on Demand using Web DRG. It can be customized and integrated in other web portals.
Dream Report Design
Dream Report Web Report

Web Portal

The Dream Report Web Portal distributes the reports over the internet/intranet. The web portal allows users to review reports as well as generate reports on-demand, perform ad-hoc analysis, drill-down into related reports, and hyperlink to “raw data views” on a reporting object. Dream Report includes a special web portal, built for mobile devices, to enable all web functionality, including manual data management on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).

Alarm & Batch Reporting

Dream Report will understand your systems, uncover batch IDs, evaluate start times, stop times and aggregate the results you need for your production release. Dream Report is smart and capable. It will run automatically, but also gives you the power to select a report by Batch ID and rerun that report at any time. Do it from your Operator Station, or remotely from a Web Portal.

Monitoring and reporting on alarms is an important requirement in every application.  Deliver alarm reports and analytics with every batch report. Dream Report offers in alarm message listing and filtering.

Dream Report Batch Report

Make information gathering and formatting so simple, you’ll be generating the Reports you want, not just the reports that you absolutely need.