Industry Optimization Components

Industry Optimization solutions go beyond the scope of traditional control system functionality and focus on unique aspects of a production process to enhance optimization initiatives with out-of-the-box capability. These solutions typically provide both bolt-on features to an existing system, and can be used stand-alone.

Industry Optimization Solutions

AVEVA Water Network Optimization

With visibility into the entire water network in real time, utilities are now able to predict changes in their water network performance and set out corrective actions before critical events occur.

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AVEVA District Energy Management

Simulates flow, pressure and thermal behavior in your distribution network. Use real-time data to make better and smarter decisions, optimizing production to enhance your economic performance.

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AVEVA Energy Performance

Converts data from disparate sources into actionable information with relevant context, empowering manufacturers to reduce energy costs, monitor power quality, and improve equipment performance.

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AVEVA Discrete Lean Management

Provides a set of digital tools to help you quickly adopt proven industry standard Lean practices to reduce production losses and to continuously improve discrete production line effectiveness.

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