Discrete Lean Management


Smarter Manufacturing through the digitalization of Lean and Work Management

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management provides a set of digital tools to help you quickly adopt proven industry standard Lean practices to reduce production losses and to continuously improve discrete production line effectiveness. The ready to use digital Lean tools allow manufacturers to become Lean practitioners by adopting practices such as Andon, Jidoka, Kaizen, KPIs, Muda, OEE, Root Cause Analysis, Six Big Losses, Standardized Work and Visual Factory without being Lean experts.

Drive higher levels of discrete manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness with digital tools for the rapid adoption of Lean Manufacturing best practices and for paperless work management.

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management Reports

Drive Line and Plant Productivity

Performance Management

Continuously improve your operational effectiveness through KPI (OEE/OLE) monitoring and root cause analyzes of production losses by capturing utilization and production data on production lines and workstations.

Work Order Management

Digital and centralized production work order management and allocation to production lines for execution reporting and tracking. Dispatch orders automatically to lines, optimize the overall plant performance and minimize changeover within the same shift by allocating work orders based on capacity and best line performance (OEE/OLE) for the specified product. Provides you with a ready to use user interface to execute work orders on a line and report production.


The Andon module allows you to configure any number of Andon categories as needed and any number of related issues within the Andon type or category. Andon issues can be defined for all levels of the plant hierarchy, down to individual issues to be raised for a specific line or for an individual workstation only.

Digital Work Instruction

Work instructions are displayed to operators to guide you through your work tasks with easy-to-follow step by step instructions for producing a specific product. The sequence of work activity steps can be individually defined for each line / workstation and product reference relationship.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Improve your manufacturing flexibility while reducing the risk of human error through the digital transformation of work management and work instructions.
  • Empower the workforce to eliminate waste and reduce cost through visibility of line performance and production issues on dashboards and workstations.
  • Continuously improve your operational effectiveness by measuring, visualizing and analyzing key performance indicators for both manual and automated production lines, and perform root cause analyzes by correlating plant events.
Discrete Lean Management Interface

Data Driven Continuous Improvement

Mobile – The Mobile Access App allows you to view dashboards and trigger Andon issues on mobile devices along with a mobile web browser for full access and functionality.

Interoperability – You can integrate AVEVA Discrete Lean Management with external equipment and systems via standard interfaces (OPC, MQTT, SQL) in addition to native drivers to 200+ industrial protocols including:

  • Email Server (SMTP)
  • RFID Card Readers (User Authentication)
  • PLCs and automation devices
  • Barcode readers
Discrete Lean Management Diagram
Discrete Lean Management Charts
AVEVA Discrete Lean Management Mobile

Quickly start your digital transformation journey – achieve a fast ROI by identifying low hanging fruits with insights into the hidden causes of productivity losses.