Energy Performance


Tailored for Manufacturing Operations

Because energy is among the largest operating costs in a manufacturing plant, improving energy efficiency can also improve profitability significantly. Monitoring energy consumption and transforming energy data into relevant context is the foundation of effectively optimized energy consumption.

Energy Performance is a complete solution that converts data from disparate sources into actionable information, empowering manufacturers to reduce energy costs, monitor power quality, and improve equipment performance. Its modular design allows companies to get started quickly to meet immediate needs, and the scalable solution can be expanded easily to meet evolving energy management needs.

Energy Performance Charts

Reduce energy consumption in production operations and optimize equipment performance

Comprehensive energy monitoring system

Energy Performance enables data aggregation through integrating production and energy data with a full range of smart meters, optimizing energy consumption and reducing unplanned downtime through asset reliability. Energy Performance provides a comprehensive view of energy cost allocation, demand and power factor management, capacity management, power quality awareness, and electrical and mitigation equipment status.

Pre-Defined intelligence model

Energy Performance comes equipped with a pre-defined intelligence model that fits the batch manufacturing environment. This reduces engineering time in developing the model, enabling fast and easy deployment. It also enables backfilling of data.

Electrical network reliability

Energy Performance enables monitoring of power network quality in real time. When it finds an abnormal power operation, it generates notifications and alerts. This supports the facility or maintenance team in identifying root causes — from the electrical source to production equipment — and in rectifying problems before any sensitive electrical equipment is damaged.

Standard reports with operational context

Standard reports provide insights into process energy consumption:

  • Asset energy details – tabular report for ease of upload to SAP
  • Energy timeline — Energy KPI data and its breakdown
  • Energy utilization — Energy data shown side by side with operational context
  • Energy analysis — Energy data with Pareto of operational context

Proven solution, proven results

  • Energy monitoring: Track energy usage throughout the facility to understand consumption patterns; energy usage by operations, batch, shift, and equipment state can be measured and used as a baseline to establish an effective energy reduction plan with realistic targets.
  • Energy usage analysis: Identify, correct and prevent excess energy consumption and waste. Identify a golden batch in terms of energy consumption. Determine the factors contributing to high energy usage. Monitor process energy and track energy intensity KPIs to maintain a high degree of energy efficiency.
Energy Performance Diagram

Reduce Energy Spend and Optimize Equipment Performance

Pre-defined reports and configurable dashboards provide the energy information visibility in context with plant operations, delivering actionable insights to all stakeholders. By correlating energy data to production operations, users are empowered to allocate energy consumption across manufactured goods, production lines, operation shifts, operation crew, production activities, departments and processes more accurately, enabling identification of critical energy efficiency gaps for optimization. This information can also be used to document and baseline projects for energy use reduction, operational efficiency improvements, becoming an essential part of the enterprise’s continuous improvement programs.

Energy Performance Benefits

Energy Performance combines powerful data acquisition and analysis technology with easy-to-use software interfaces, simplifying energy management.