Enterprise Integrator

The integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems with Enterprise Resource Planning systems or other business applications has become mission critical for manufacturing plant operations. It enables agile, short-term production planning and flexible update schedules. It also improves supply chain visibility and decision support by updating business applications with production responses in real time.

What is it?

Wonderware Enterprise Integrator enables message exchange and automatic data synchronization between two or more business or plant applications. It is a commercial, off-the shelf software that enables business and manufacturing systems to work complementary, in a loosely coupled yet highly reliable manner.

Integration capabilities include XML messages, flat files, and database queries which go beyond Wonderware applications and allow for integration of multiple plant applications with ERP or other business and enterprise systems in a single solution.

Extensibility by custom code plug-ins is available to add Wonderware Enterprise Integrator connectivity to any software system or standardize multiple instances in multi-site integration scenarios.

Wonderware Enterprise Integrator


Flexible message delivery capabilities including XML messages, File Drop, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and SQL queries for data exchange.


Native integration to Wonderware MES software database tables and tracking of MES job and shift end events.


Comprehensive message history for sophisticated error handling, leveraging Microsoft® SQL Server™


Store & Forward’ capability enabling fast recovery from system interruptions and securing business continuity


Extensibility to manage custom data transformation, for data translation logic and system specific connectivity through reusable code plug-ins


Web-based user interface provides simplified user access for administration and configuration, as well as for system monitoring and manual operator intervention.


Users and user groups can be associated with privileges required for any action a user or role might need to perform


Open integration capabilities get MES, business and supply chain functions working together in real-time.


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