Big Data – Collection & Storage

Regardless of your process, AVEVA Historian maintains the data integrity needed for the most demanding data gathering requirements. Combining advanced History Block data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface, Historian ensures open access to your process, alarm, and event data for faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team fully aware of operational performance.

Enable smarter business decisions with access to high-fidelity data generated directly by your assets. Historian provides the secure, high-performance database that consolidates disparate data sources and provides rapid retrieval techniques to make sense of the increasing amount of data used in modern industrial processes.

Uncompromising Data Integrity with AVEVA Historian

Collect, Validate and Archive Data

Capture data from basic single node sources or highly distributed sources, anywhere in the world, from short-term diagnostics to long-term records needed to support regulatory requirements. All while applying built-in data validation procedures to ensure your data is accurate. 

Refined Storage and Compression

Historian combines front-end, high-speed data collection with time series extensions to an embedded Microsoft SQL Server relational database. It does not store data directly in Microsoft SQL Server tables however, but lets you use Windows Explorer to transfer highly optimized “history blocks,” eliminating the need to purge your database as it grows. Additionally, our patented “swinging door” data storage algorithm greatly reduces data storage requirements while preserving important data features.

Extending Your Data

Data from Historian can be utilized by other AVEVA and third-party software applications for reporting, trending, analysis and more. Whether you’re looking to create powerful custom data queries with AVEVA Historian Client, view the browser dashboard tool Historian Client Web, utilize the cloud with AVEVA Insight, multi-source and cross-reference data analytics with AVEVA Business Intelligence Gateway, or predict maintenance needs with AVEVA Predictive Analytics.

Multi-level Architectures

Lower tier Historians can feed either their complete data stream or just summary, aggregated data, to one or more higher level Historians. Configure one tier as a data repository for backup of critical information, or replicate historical data to multiple tiers for redundancy. Tiered architectures offer flexibility in how you manage your data flow and provides the added benefit of reducing impacts from using a single central database for both data capture and reporting.

Advanced Data Retrieval Modes

Built-in advanced data retrieval modes make your data queries easier to build, more efficient, and more powerful. Eliminate multiple versions of plant operating data through easy self-service production and performance reporting to improve planning and compliance. Modes include: Time-in-State, Slope, Counter, Cyclic and Delta, Interpolated, Value state, and more.

Historical Replay with OMI

Historical SCADA replay allows System Platform’s Operations Management Interface visualization to be toggled from real-time data display to historical data playback, for improved operator perspective visual analysis of your process.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Store 2 million tags of asset health and process data
  • 150,000 tags per second sustained indefinitely on a single server
  • 40 times the data compression of traditional databases
  • 2% data storage space required

Not Your Average Database

Historian is the first, large volume plant data historian to unite a high-speed data acquisition and storage engine with a traditional relational database management system, facilitating access to plant data using open database standards.

This wasn’t by accident and isn’t new. Historian offers all the capabilities of traditional databases, yet specifically tailored for industrial process data. Trusted and in use at over 75,000 installations worldwide, Historian empowers plant operations and enterprise business users alike, every second of the day.

AVEVA Historian Tiered

Make smarter decisions with the consolidation of disparate data sources and rapid retrieval of the increasing amount of industrial data.