MES Quality

Once your equipment is in tune and your operations ready for execution, maximizing production value requires dogged attention to key product and process quality variables, target values and limits.

Wonderware MES/Quality software provides everything you need to marshal your equipment, your procedures and your people around a mission of maintaining and continuously improving production quality. Integrated statistical process control (SPC) ensures that your practices are bound by established rules for predictable performance.

Digitizing and automating the procedures that involve people and equipment brings the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your products have been tested to comply with customer, internal or regulatory requirements before they leave the plant.

Fueled with real-time information derived directly from your processes, Wonderware MES Quality is the foundation for your quality improvement initiatives.

What is it?

Wonderware MES/Quality is the third pillar in the Wonderware Manufacturing Execution System software suite. Where MES/Performance focuses on ensuring that equipment is working to its fullest potential and MES/Operations ensures that the processes are executed effectively to specification, MES/Quality provides the quality sampling execution management and monitoring for fine tuning necessary to implement Good Manufacturing Practices to keep quality variables in check.

Wonderware MES/Quality software helps manufacturers increase their efficiency in capturing and monitoring critical quality information on the shop floor in real time. MES/Quality is designed for inline quality operations management and quality sample plan execution, for both automated and manual data collection. Integration with plant automation systems provides quality control and SPC for fast moving goods and automated processes, enabling rapid corrective actions and complements LIMS and quality management systems with process and product quality data collection.

Wonderware MES Quality

Use Wonderware MES Software/Quality to manage shop floor quality operations and execute sample plans for both automated and manual data collection. Use its powerful SPC rules engine to empower stakeholders with the knowledge of quality trends and rule-violation notifications to effectively reduce quality losses, minimize variations and improve yields.


Automate quality data collection for ever-changing production schedules.


Display manual and automatic collected sample data in real time.


Apply Best Practices and operational processes across multiple plants.

Wonderware MES Quality

The MES/Quality software include functionality to automate quality data collection, visualization, measurement, analysis and optimization. It also facilitates documenting results, integration with other applications and standardizing quality controls across single or multiple sites.

Product Quality Core2


Enhance operational agility while securing compliance through dynamic quality sample plan management. Automate quality data collection for ever-changing production schedules, based on current work order execution status.


Enable statistical process control rule violation notifications, automatically provided to operators when entering quality sample data. Trigger corrective action to limit or even avoid quality losses.

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Product Quality Core4


Display manual and automatic collected sample data in SPC charts in near real time to production or quality operators for quality control. Gain near real-time quality monitoring, with visual indications of non-conformance and SPC rule violation to reduce the lead time to corrective actions and minimize impact on operations.


Leverage SPC analysis to “predict” quality issues and, in response, trigger preventive actions to avoid quality losses before they cost time and money.

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Product Quality Core6


Empower process engineers to improve yields by driving quality closer to specification limits and reduce quality giveaway; access detailed history on quality data and Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts.


Reduce compliance cost with a complete electronic system record of operational quality activities and product quality data.

Product Quality Core7
Product Quality Core8


Complement enterprise quality management systems with sampling execution capabilities on automated processes, or for interoperability with manufacturing.


Identify best practices and unify the operational processes for quality data collection, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Non-conformance (NC), material disposition, sign-off approvals, or any other event in a quality context across plants.

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Quality Specifications

With Wonderware MES/Quality Software you set the quality variables and different frequencies for quality data collection. The software then guides you in creating sampling plans that define the events and frequencies of data collection carried out to secure complete coverage of quality data collection along a production process. Finally, you define a quality specification for a product, an operation or piece of equipment by selecting the required quality variables, selecting the SPC rules and a plan definition for sample data collection.

You can define as many quality specifications as you want, specifying quality limits and rules for every product, process, equipment or any context that is meaningful for you. Powerful specification version management functionality ensures data consistency and supports the continuous improvement process in quality operations and production process optimization.

Product Quality Core11

Executing a Sample Plan

Starting a work order generates sampling plans automatically and the software maintains alignment with execution progress, status and resources. The software then samples quality data from connected devices and schedules operator quality sample tasks to enter the information on quality variables. This frees operators from distracting and difficult coordination tasks, assuring that quality documentation and control are always in line with the specifications while increasing scheduling flexibility in response to unplanned events.

Product Quality Core12

Workflow Management

The software tracks work order execution events to execute the quality data collection procedures aligned with to plan specifications. Advanced workflow management capabilities automate manual data collection and procedures for corrective or preventive action, reducing the time to action and enforcing the standard operating procedure.

Product Quality Core13

Integrating with Process Equipment and Automation Controls

Wonderware System Platform provides the infrastructure for integrating collection of quality data from the plant automation control system. The Wonderware MES/Quality Sample Recording Object provides native integration to Wonderware System Platform and sample plan execution with quality data capture from real-time process data. It also facilitates transformation of that data into consistent electronic records for storage in the MES database.

Enterprise integration capabilities complement plant or enterprise quality management systems with quality operation execution and data collection automation in work order execution and product genealogy context on the plant floor.

Product Quality Core14

Closed Loop Quality Control

Configure MES/Quality to display SPC charts instantly on updates for production or quality operators enables closed loop quality control. The software includes rich SPC trend and chart display capabilities. These include notifications for violations of control and specification limits. Additional notifications are based on a large set of standard SPC rules, indicating specific trends and behavior of quality characteristics.

Near real-time quality monitoring eliminates time delays to non-conformance notifications so corrective actions minimize losses and impact on downstream operations. SPC analysis can be leveraged to “predict” quality issues and, in response, trigger preventive actions to avoid quality losses or even recalls before they cost time and money.

Product Quality Core15

Quality Reporting

Many standard reporting formats come standard with Wonderware MES/Quality. These include quality characteristic detail reports, which filter sample data on multiple characteristics and quality summary reports, which provide details on equipment, product (item), work order and operation category. These reports are published for flexible information presentation via a web browser.