Line Performance Suite

Tight margins, global competition, brand protection. How do you as a food or beverage processor take advantage of new technologies while maintaining critical operating and financial conditions?

Line Performance Suite targets, captures and evaluates packaging line performance in food and beverage plants. It provides capability for data capturing, production delay analysis with reasons and root cause analysis. Our model-driven framework allows you to deploy Line Performance for a line, a site, or the enterprise.

Line Performance Suite is available for both manual plants, where data capture is worker based, or for fully automated plants.

Based on the industry-leading Wonderware MES/Performance, the Line Performance Suite is a packaged OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and monitoring solution, ensuring you of a professionally delivered, expertly designed system with integrated reporting and analysis.

The Line Performance Suite brings Operations Managers and decision-makers timely, accurate and relevant information to ensure peak performance and meet operational Key Performance Indicators.

Product Line Performance Core1

Addressing Challenges

  • Line set up: turnkey solution eases line set up and configuration for fast time to value
  • Line performance: remove bottlenecks, reduce downtime, increase availability, gaining process metrics for both automated and manual lines
  • Product quality: lower scrap rates, improve first pass yields for better quality the first time
  • Visibility to process metrics: Key Performance Indicators give you real-time access to critical operating parameters
Product Line Performance Core2

Optimize Throughput & Equipment Utilization

Line Performance Suite is unique in its comprehensive data acquisition and processing capability. It can run large volumes of process data quickly without affecting system performance. This provides you with the real-time information needed to enable in-depth line performance evaluations and actions required for process improvements.

Product Line Performance Core3

Empower Operations

Equipped with an easy-to-use user interface dashboard and reports, process engineers can quickly access both real-time and historical data. Rich performance reporting and analysis covers all relevant information needed for production, quality and maintenance teams. With comprehensive data coverage, Line Performance Suite becomes an effective continuous improvement enabler and an essential tool for process engineers.

Product Line Performance Core4

Reduce Cost of Deployment

A pre-defined / standardized user interface, along with dashboards, reports, configuration and installation procedures, reduce the customization time needed for deployment. This makes the installation and configuration easy, reduces the engineering time and cost and mitigates the risks and errors that could happen during deployment.