Integration Studio


Lower Burdens to IT Management and Lower Costs

Integration Studio is an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud hosted development environment that facilitates greater collaboration, rapid project creation, project archival, scalability on-demand, and the ability to manage multiple AVEVA development projects simultaneously.

Improve engineering efficiency by enabling developers to rapidly provision software and servers, monitor actual cost-based usage during the development lifecycle and provide faster project start-up.

Integration Studio eliminates configuration burden and configuration errors by ensuring compatibility and accuracy of server builds and software versions with pre-installed and configured AVEVA software. Processing and storage hardware costs are minimized by providing almost unlimited virtual software capacity and storage on-demand. In addition, engineers can set automated shutdown times of virtual machines during off hours to minimize usage costs.

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Virtual Development Environment

Besides providing you with virtually unlimited scalability on-demand, Integration Studio continues adding value to your development efforts by allowing you to:

  • Duplicate entire projects for testing, backup, deriving new projects and more
  • Safely test software upgrades
  • Create ‘safe’ environments for proof-of-concept development
  • Manage multiple versions of your projects
  • Use a fully virtual environment for training of staff and customers
  • Choose the size and power of virtual system that you need to support each project’s unique requirements
  • Get an accurate understanding of your project hardware requirements before you acquire expensive hardware
  • Reduce startup risk and cost
  • Virtual development environment gives access to the latest and greatest versions of AVEVA software
  • All the tools you need are pre-configured and ready to go
  • You can wait until project delivery time to acquire your system hardware: Defer costs, maximize warranty, minimize hardware inventory, avoid depreciation
  • Manage all your projects from one consolidated virtual dashboard
  • Supports collaborative development which can be accessed world-wide

Proven solution, proven results

  • Easily duplicate entire project
  • Test upgrades
  • Version management
  • Standardized training environment
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Introduction to Integration Studio

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Shorten user training cycles, improve operator effectiveness, and minimize production mistakes by providing a ‘safe’ and real-world experience environment for training.