Historian Insight

Wonderware by AVEVA

Rich Visualization of Operational Data

Historian Insight provides a flexible, easy to use on-premise browser client for quick data query and trending. The smart client pulls data from your existing Historian(s), the foundation for high-fidelity data collection and storage, to enable visualization into how your operations are performing.

The Historian Insight client works with any modern HTML5 browser and enables comprehensive search capabilities that indexes all existing tags, user generated keywords and content names. Users can create, save and easily share personal content, as well as create, save and share dashboards based on defined keywords.


Easy to Use Browser Client

Access everywhere, anytime

Historian Insight uses the same browser client technology as the online version Insight.

Contextual operational insights

Better insights into your business – know what’s happening, what’s happened and what is likely to happen. Get immediate access to relevant data for more informed decisions. Expose hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs and improving asset performance.

Easy to use

The Historian Insight experience has been designed to be user friendly with intuitive menus and point/click/tap actions. Setup is simple and to the point, with a no-code environment.

Visibility unleashed

Historian Insight reveals new ways of consuming, sharing and collaborating around your data using trends, charts, graphs and mobile devices to improve your business.

Historian Insight Dashboard

Excellent for Business Users and Managers

Built specifically for the needs of business users and managers, Historian Insight enables users to quickly and easily get access to data for more informed business decisions without requiring knowledge of tags, hierarchies or system configuration.

With no training, custom reports or need to ask for help; users simply enter keywords into the search box to retrieve relevant information for improved decision making. This enables users to identify areas of improvement, drive higher productivity and increase profitability.

Historian Insight Search