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Digital Asset Visualization Components

Equipment specifications and data sheets are common across engineering and maintenance to ensure processes are designed, built and maintained to operate within parameters. Though without an accessible organization method, that library of information can become more of a nuisance than a work aid.

Recently, Digital Asset Visualization solutions have revolutionized two areas of industrial processes, design and operation. First, information management systems help catalog, store and create relationships between documents and other equipment information that reside in flat file folders today. These systems make it exceptionally easy to find what you need and look up related materials. Secondly, improvements to 3D modelling engines now allow the incorporation of real-time operations data to overlay and control the visual representation of the assets across 3D and XR implementations. This gives a new dimension to operations management that can benefit engineering, maintenance and operations groups.

AVEVA 3D Asset Visualization Solutions

AVEVA Asset Information Management

Delivers a ‘digital twin’ of validated information, that accurately describes the current condition of the asset, addressing the common business issues of ensuring documentation is up to date and complete.

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AVEVA 3D Asset Visualization

Combines breathtaking Ultra-High Definition whole model visualization with instant, touch-controlled access to contextually filtered information, to set a new benchmark for collaborative engineering decision support.

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AVEVA XR (Extended Reality)

Explore all forms of XR (AR, VR and MR) to create the most suitable interface for workers, assets, documentation, and real-time information, enabling the best decisions and the most efficient work execution.

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