Asset Information Management


Gaining Rapid and Intuitive Access to the Digital Asset

AVEVA Asset Information Management delivers a ‘digital twin’ of up-to-date, validated information, that accurately describes the current condition of the physical asset, rather than how it was originally designed.

Information is often held in a variety of different formats in unconnected repositories with teams that can be dispersed across various global locations. For projects, the poor flow of information, and the flow of poor information, can have a significant impact on the quality of decision making.

AVEVA Asset Information Management directly addresses the common business issues of ensuring documentation is up to date and complete. This ensures that safety is a priority at all times through information which is collated and verified as available and accurate, simplifying decision making through the integration and access of trusted asset data.

The bringing together of information from disparate locations to this centralized repository provides enterprise-wide information access and visualization, where users have control of their project and asset information throughout the entire asset life cycle.

AVEVA Asset Information Management

For when you rely on the availability and validity of huge volumes of data

Automatic data association

From the moment the data is uploaded, the system creates and maintains a complete cross reference index that links and associates all items in the information asset.

Automatic data validation

The system highlights inconsistent or missing data against configurable rules, such as standard tag, date or data source formats.

Visualization of all types of data

HTML5-based viewing of 2D engineering drawings, documents and spreadsheets. High quality, interactive 3D models in the web browser. Users can combine multiple models from different sources in a single view. The 3D model can also be used to easily visualize the status of planning information.

Project search capability

Project data can be quickly and easily searched, and complex queries and reports defined for standardizing information discovery.

Information gateway

Data from external applications can be imported, including 3D models, laser scan data, photogrammetry, 2D drawings and diagrams, datasheets and other documents.

Configurable security and access control

According to their access permissions, users can see differing levels of information detail, right down to object level.

Proven solution, proven results

  • Better-informed decision making
  • Improved information standardization
  • More efficient and effective information access
  • The ability to enhance data quality and integrity
  • Reduced software licensing costs
AVEVA Asset Information Management Model Compare
AVEVA Asset Information Management Equipment Form

The Power of Asset Visualization

AVEVA Asset Information Management provides a powerful productivity boost for any organization involved in designing, building or operating complex engineering assets. Maintain a complete and up-to-date digital replica of an asset throughout its life cycle, and use this information to support the many business processes involved.

This unique ability to work with any form of digital data, no matter what its source or format, is the reason why leading companies choose AVEVA to support efficient business processes in both project execution and asset operations.

AVEVA Asset Information Management Equipment Profile

Enable users to capture and work with information of all types and from all sources, including documents, drawings, 3D models, laser scans and operations databases.